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SKY Virtual Reality free app
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Logged on today and SKY VIP was now offering free Virtual reality app for all SKY customers: Sky VR app The Sky VR app is available exclusively for Sky customers who’ve joined ou… Read more

It’s free for all Sky customers - they are listing it on the VIP app to make it look like it’s exclusive to VIP members but it’s not.. just download from the App Store and login with Sky ID and password. It’s rubbish though and not worth downloading


Oh no sky making a app only available for sky customers. Geez


You didn’t have to login before, so anyone (including non sky customers) could access it. That isn’t possible now as far as I can see.




I think it's because you've got to log into your own account.

Free tickets to Ready Player One with Sky VIP
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Ready Player One Book up to two cinema tickets on us to see Steven Spielberg’s new movie, Ready Player One, at one of our previews on 19 March 2018, before its nationwide release o… Read more
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Got sorted around lunch time today for Belfast so get on it folks


The next batch of tickets appears to be live


O2 Priority has an offer too:


When do they usually release the batches? I was watching this to see when it went live then as soon as it did it seemed to say more coming for me, Must just be the time of day that I check?


IIRC they were complaining it brought back negative ideas about the hobby that everyone thought had died out, or something. Pretty sure I saw people complaining it was weak story-wise and crammed in too many pointless references, too. But, yeah, it's not something that interested me, so I never dug any deeper.

Ladybird Sky VIP tickets
LocalLocalFound 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Tickets are back available for most locations for Ladybird for Monday 5th Feb on the Sky VIP app
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If anyone missed this or dosn't have sky there's a few other options to get the tickets best to google but this is the first that came up for me


It's very clear what they're for.


It's not clear what these are. Bus tickets? Train?

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Sky rewards I Tonya booking now
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Tickets available on sky rewards. All venues available at time of posting
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I agree... only 2 locations available now! (annoyed)


These tickets are so limited! Hate it when it’s posted as gives no one a chance


So whodunnit?


Really good film, well worth a watch.

Sky Studios at The O2, London. Free
Found 20th Dec 2016Found 20th Dec 2016
Join us at Sky Studios this Christmas to see the year's biggest movies come to life. Release your inner superhero in our Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice augmented reality experi… Read more

its free to anyone. recording a news or sports bulletin with the kids and receiving the high def link to send on to friends is great fun. i work in the area and have been several times - i've never experienced any sell let alone a hard one...


I don't have a sky package.can I go to this? not clear the times and what's showing


I've been to Sky Studios earlier this year, and had a great time. There's the usual attempt to try to sell you Sky packages but I made it clear I wasn't interested and they were happy to drop the hard sell. A good way to waste a bit of time :)

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Free Tix for British Golf Masters - Thursday 8th Oct. Sky Tickets
Found 24th Apr 2015Found 24th Apr 2015
Free Tix for Golf Masters - Thursday 8th Oct. Sky Tickets Sky customers can book two free tickets from 10am, Friday 24 April. You’ll need to log in with your Sky iD to book ticket… Read more

Still seem to be showing when I go on. Make sure you are logged into sky.


None left :(


Try now


More tickets this morning


Check now.

Disney Frozen activities @ the O2 free at the sky studios
Found 21st Dec 2014Found 21st Dec 2014
At the O2 Arena in London, there is a sky studio, where you get some free Frozen stickers, colouring, even the Let it go lyrics and get to sing while someone plays the piano to Fro… Read more

On the official webpage it says ends jan 4th but gives the times dated till 5th feb.a friend went to it on jan 17th so makes no sense.





Here are some photos of what you would see

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Thursday 10th April - Sky Rewards
Found 31st Mar 2014Found 31st Mar 2014
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Thursday 10th April - Sky Rewards Bath Belfast Birmingham Broadway Plaza … Read more

Thanks OP, we really enjoyed the film. Definitely the best one so far. I'm not normally a fan of 3D but the effects were, well, amazing. Highly recommended. Free water and spider man 3D glasses for everyone too. The only annoying thing was that the cinema was only about two thirds full meaning a lot of the tickets weren't used.


Can anyone give me an updated link for this? I need to change my ticket booking but not sure how This link is coming up as invalid thanks!!


Hopefully they release more


If you have another email just register under that


I've forgotten my memorable place, lol, any idea how I can bypass this?!

Free Tickets for Captain America: Winter Soldier - Sky Rewards
Found 17th Mar 2014Found 17th Mar 2014
Click here for you chance to get tickets for the nationwide premieres of Captain America: The Winter Soldier at Cineworld. © 2014 Marvel
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must be because every body chucked the movies as a result of rewards being cancelled , thats what i did and i told them that when i cancelled


They got rid of it. They now just have some tickets once in a blue moon. :(


Has the sky rewards section moved??.I'm signed in..I have sky movies and cannot find the rewards section to look for the movies..prior to December I got them all the time


Big thanks to alictait, for giving me tickets. Enjoyed it with my son!


So I went to see it. Enjoyed it but it was a bit of a let down just like the first one in my opinion.

Free tickets to SKY preview of Hobbit at the O2 on 10th Dec
Found 26th Nov 2013Found 26th Nov 2013
Free SKY preview of Hobbit only at the O2 - Greenwichon 10th Dec booking now!

It is Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug! Phew! Thought most people would understand which movie it was and time saved in posting would mean more could get tickets! So much for that.Sold out in less than 2 minutes unless SKY are hoarding some!


The last one was O2 Greenwich too. Off to watch Mandela tonight, last sky movie, cancelled package.


Rubbish that the only showing was for London!! :(


These sky films availability is getting worse and worse. I used to be able to get tickets but they are going far too quickly now and my closest venues such as Wimbledon and Wandsworth are hardly ever on the cinema list. Screw Sky


The Hobbit ? That was last year. You mean Smaug ?

Sky Customers  - Rewards - Gravity 3D Free Cinema Tickets
Found 11th Oct 2013Found 11th Oct 2013
Apologies if already posted Sky just released tickets for Gravity 3D via their Rewards system. Grabbed some for myself in Cardiff but they are available at most of the usual locat… Read more
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Just booked tickets for O2 so might be worth another look


Only for Sky Movies customers :(


Lucky you i wanted some for greenwich.....(PS if you dont need them ill take them off you) (_;)


Title should say Sky Movies Customers ... not applicable to Sky customers


For sky movies customers only!

"One Chance" on Sky Rewards
Found 8th Oct 2013Found 8th Oct 2013
The film "One Chance" is available on Sky rewards now , its not showing but go into any movie there and you will find it listed on the pull down menu , good luck

So, it's rubbish looking.... But you took tickets anyway?


I wanna see gravity :( lol missed out but I guess I cant win them all huh ? but I do agree sky should of gave us something a bit more teeth bitting lol sunshine on lieth the other week now paul pots lol ahh not to worry im sure I will enjoy this film with my daughters giggles lol I love a gd film and all the more when its a freebie :3


I agree this is an awful sky offering. Why have they not offered Gravity as everyone wants that??


Have tickets for Wimbledon by the way and wouldnt mind any film at WImbledon or Wandsworth Cineworld


What a rubbish looking film sky are offering tickets for. James Corden is not a film actor. he is a comedian and doesnt deserve any of his films to be show on cinema although his fans who want to see this i will swap my tickets for gravity or any other film. PM me

Sky Rewards - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Now Booking for 12/10/13)
Found 27th Sep 2013Found 27th Sep 2013
Not shown on the main screen, but go to ticket booking section from any movie and you will find it in the drop down list: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 picks up where Sony P… Read more

Brilliant film, kids loved it. Was less convinced by the episode of 'Yonderland' at the end... terrible acting, but kids now asking when it's on the telly. Great... oO


I have 4 tickets to o2 first to message me gets them please let me know your name and email so I can modify ticket and email them to you


10am for 10.30 start.


Dann2000. Could you tell me what time screening starts? I'm interested..


If anybody wants 4 tickets for High Wycombe tomorrow morning please PM me.

SKY Rewards - Free Cinema Tickets to Captain Phillips 10th October 2013
Found 23rd Sep 2013Found 23rd Sep 2013
The unprotected waters off the horn of Africa can be a dangerous place, but when Captain Richard Phillips led the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama into this perilous territory in… Read more

Dont suppose anyones got 1 for bury there're not using?


Tickets available again!:)


Actually I'm not. You see the way this works is the DISTRIBUTORS give sky the tickets for free. This is for promotion. they do this beacuse if they used Show Film first they would a have to pay admin costs and b target a poorer market segment.


So, because I'm sick of people grabbing for things and stopping others that are effectively paying for it from getting it, that makes me with an employee of murdoch or a corporate ****? Neither is true, I couldn't give a **** about murdoch, but I am fed up of grabbing idiots, like you, who sit here begging for something someone else is effectively paying for.


The whole point of this website is to save people money, I'd gladly give away tickets on my times + I cant use. Do you work for rupert murdoch? you stink of puttana aziendale btw

Sunshine on Leith Sky Rewards
Found 17th Sep 2013Found 17th Sep 2013
Starring an all-British cast, including Sky 1 HD’s very own Jane Horrocks, Sunshine on Leith is a feel-good autumn warmer and you could see it first and for free, before it hits ci… Read more
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Or, and here's an out there idea.... They could cancel them, and this is where it gets really freaky... Let someone who pays for sky movies get them. Mind, blown.


thanks, enjoyed the stage version!


Can someone please get me a pair for Leicester?, thanks :)


Thanks OP!


Glasgow not coming up as an option so must be all gone for there

Free Tickets to SKY preview of 'Prisoners' on 24th Sep
Found 11th Sep 2013Found 11th Sep 2013
Preview tickets to SKY preview of 'Prisoners' at various cinemas on 24/09/2013 available to book now! Director: Denis Villeneuve Stars: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davi… Read more
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Hi, I managed to get 1 ticket, do you think the person on the queue will check the print out that says 1 and not 2? Not done sky before so not sure if similar to sff where it will only be half full anyway? Also they seem to have a we code in them - do these get scanned? Thanks in advance


:D Idiot.


Cov full


Where do you sign up for the email notification?


cold. should say in description that this is for a specific package.

free tickets to see Blue Jasmine @ Sky Rewards
Found 3rd Sep 2013Found 3rd Sep 2013
For sky movie customers its not showing on main page yet but when check for tickets to other films its there After everything in her life falls to pieces, including her marriage t… Read more

Tickets available now!


Anyone get me 2 for Derby pretty please :) x


If anyone has 2 for Sheffield they could get me, t'would be greatly appreciated. Have Sky movies, but through Virgin, unfortunatley


If anyone has 2 for Sheffield they could get me, t'would be greatly appreciated. Have Sky movies, but through Virgin, unfortunatley


Anyone got any spare for Leicester, would be appreciated!!!

Free Screening to "The Call" 10th september @ sky rewards
Found 27th Aug 2013Found 27th Aug 2013
Birmingham-CINEWORLD Bolton-CINEWORLD Bradford-CINEWORLD Bristol-CINEWORLD Bury St Edmunds-CINEWORLD Cardiff-CINEWORLD Dublin-CINEWORLD Enfield-CINEWORLD Glasgow Renfrew St… Read more

More tickets just been released!


it's a bit of hit and miss. i have been lucky this time and couldn't believe my luck as i have never found tickets again after the movie is fully booked.


You must have been lucky. I've been checking regularly too & Wandsworth still shown as fully booked.


wey hey, wicked. been logging into sky rewards regularly to check if tickets have become available and managed to get another ticket so now have two for us. cool. sky must release tickets in batches or people cancel theirs?


Yeah it's been out on BluRay in the USA since 25th June and was obviously in the cinema a few months before this, not sure why it's taken so long to be released in the UK. Thought it was a pretty decent film too, think it merits a slightly better rating than it gets on IMDB