Rexel  Style+ Cross Cut 7 sheet Shredder £33.99 @ Amazon

Rexel Style+ Cross Cut 7 sheet Shredder £33.99 @ Amazon

Found 11th Apr 2016
I have been keeping an eye on this for a few weeks and it's been hovering at the £40 mark. It has dropped to £33.99 with prime so have finally bought it. Not sure what the non-prime price is. Might be the same.

I suspect it won't stay at this price for long.

This 7 sheet version is currently cheaper than the 5 sheet version which is £34.99.
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Great shredder.Had mine for a few years now.Shreds credit cards too
got mine years ago when it was cheaper than this, excellent shredder but surprised its kept its price this high
Great! nice ops. bought 1 now
This or the Fellowes Powershred M-8C?
Great shredder. Ulti, I've had a decent spec Fellowes but they are garbage compared to rexel. If the rexel jams it'll sort itself. With the Fellowes you may as well bin it. The fellowes one I had stated up to 7 sheets at a time, I never put more than four bit it kept jamming. With this rexel it even voted with 7 sheets no probs though I'd always keep below four sheets so it'll last
Thanks, been looking for good shredder, will give this a go
I bought the 11 sheet version of this - even with just three or four sheets it was slow and would overheat after just a few minutes of shredding, ceasing to work for 20-30 minutes to cool down. Went straight back to Amazon! Awful compared to other shredders I've had before, whether name brand or cheap Chinese units. YMMV.
Why would it be a different price for non-Prime customers? The only difference is you can get it delivered next day for free if you have Prime.
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