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Link please (lol)


I have an EG920v (curved LG OLED, 55", 4k, 3D) but I think the B8 should beat it now...


Got the purchase receipt from Argos too, cost £1499


Yes! If you don’t buy that, I will.

LG WK7 Google Home Smart Speaker £69 @ RGB Direct
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Please be kind, first time deal for long time lurker... Use the voucher code WINTER30 to get this well reviewed google home compatible smart speaker for a bargain price. Descript… Read more



Thanks, good to know. I agree the Onkyo is a touch heavy on the bass.


It’s so annoying too! I even hacked it to use American skills but then apple decides to block UK accounts on that workaround (annoyed) . I’m surprised Alexa is as successful as it is, with it basically being gimped everywhere besides the US.


It kept wanting to relearn voice and was too basset with mids and highs being lost.


May i ask what you didn't like about the Onkyo? I've recently got the Onlyo from RS - it sounds better than the Google Home but now when I'm casting to a group, the Onkyo is a member of, the audio just stops sporadically. Not sure if it's coincidence or if the Onkyo is causing it.

SAMSUNG UE49MU6400 4K LED TV with TVPlus tuner & Built-in Wi-Fi in silver - £399 @ RGB Direct
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
I thought this was a good deal for this price. I've been looking for a TV but wanted a longer warranty, hope this helps someone. Review here: https://www.trustedreviews.com/revie… Read more

I have this and I'm not impressed. Was expecting more from Samsung, the sound is poor particularly at low volumes and the surround looks cheap


Nah Kilt them aww .... ;)


Yep had mine a year from Hughes been in for 3 repairs for the same problem! Currently having it's third repair visit.


Yes you can. I have the mu6500 which is the curved version. Connectivity with all devices is great and the smart remote is excellent.


Not got any friends in the big smoke.

Samsung 55" Smart Ultra HD Certified 4K HDR 10+ LED TV with Built-in Wi-Fi, TVPlus & Freesat £569 @ RGB
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Discover exceptional Ultra HD certified picture quality with our NU7400 Dynamic Crystal Colour TV.
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Yes. Also many people prefer the central pillar stand on the NU7400 rather than the wider legs on the NU7100.


Is that the 7400? Thanks for the reply.


Yes, Free M7500 Blu-ray. Should really be a separate deal but happy if it adds heat to this deal.


Better colours and brightness. Bluetooth included means you audio get a smart remote. Also smart operating system is compatible with Smart things.


With a free bluray player as well,not a bad deal

Hisense U7A H55U7AUK 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - £499 @ RGB Direct
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
John Lewis have confirmed they will price match this offer from RGB, which is better asnyou will get 5 year warranty with them. You will need to submit a price match before purchas… Read more

I believe it says not available for collection on their website.


cool tried to collect from bluewater store. none in stock. went for delivery . getting it Saturday:)


Doh! just purchased a Samsung not so long ago. Definitely would have preferred this.


That sucks. At least they don't charge £125 like they do with NI :(


Could you say you were going to collect it? I got mine at £499 and that was to Livingston, maybe worth another try?

Panasonic TX55FX735B - 55 Inch Smart UHD 4k LED TV with Freeview at RGB Direct for £599
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
4K Ultra HD is four times the resolution of Full HD, so the Panasonic TX-55FX7 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV displays all your entertainment in brilliant detail. With HDR, each … Read more
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I think Panasonic are offering 5 year warranty for all TV’s purchased between Dec’18 and March ‘19. I am torn between this and the 55FX700B


Would buy it if it had 5 year warranty

SAMSUNG UE75NU7100 - 75" Smart Ultra HD Certified 4K HDR 10+ LED TV with Built-in Wi-Fi, TVPlus at RGB £1199
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Introducing the beautifully vibrant Ultra HD certified experience on the NU7100 TV at amazing price. Check for yourself now!
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I am returning mine tomorrow because it came with the standard Samsung remote and doesn’t include the Smart Remote which makes using the smart features kinda useless for me.


My wife always tells me IF IT JUST HAD A FEW MORE INCHES. Il bring this home WELL IS THAT BIG ENOUGH FOR YE ;)


Once this drops to £1k or less, i'll be pulling the trigger. Assuming whoever's selling it is offering a free 5 year warranty that is. Samsung usually do a reasonably good job at up-scaling, HD content would probably be fine but, as with most 4K TV's and the same can be said about 1080p models also - low bit rate SD channels would probably look terrible.


So will mean HD will look so so and anything in SD will look dire on a screen this big?


Ordered this yesterday.....heat from me

Amica ZIM688E 60cm Dishwasher - Integrated, with 14 Place Setting and A+++ Energy Rating at RGB Direct for £229
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
The ZIM688E is a fully integrated, A+++ energy rated dishwasher. The LED interior light is a user friendly addition that makes loading and unloading your dishes quick and easy. The… Read more

We tried to buy this two days ago at the deal price, such a good find, thank you! We were so pleased. But even though the order went through, I received an email a few hours later saying they had no further stock and my order will be cancelled. I now see that they are selling them at a much higher cost :/ v disappointed. ... With losing out on the deal and bad customer service.


Brand so good they even have their football team


https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/dishwashing/dishwashe.rs/amica-zim688e-full-size-integrated-dishwasher-10155726-pdt.html .. more photos on Currys


Polish brand. I have Amica cooker. Its really good top brand.


Compatible with British tips though

Panasonic TX55FZ802B 55 Inch Smart UHD 4k OLED TV Black £1,249 + £29 Del  RGB Direct
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Cheapest price it's ever been I believe and should be able to price match with JL or Richer sounds without any trouble 5 year warranty Includes free 1.5m HDMI cable Enter WINTER… Read more

@matthewdukes37 - just to follow up..... I ordered the TV from Richer Sounds on Boxing Day for £1279, which was a £20 price beat over PRC Direct's £1299 price. I got it delivered on Saturday (it's brilliant by the way - over the moon with it!). I noticed yesterday the PRC Direct price has come down to £1249 (£1449 with £200 voucher code to apply), so I phoned Richer Sounds today and they've not only matched that lower price but beaten it by another £20. So they've given me a £50 refund, making the final price paid £1229 :)


John lewis price matched for me and can get a further £60 off via spend and save through my employer £1190 is a bargain. Just hope the lack of Dolby Vision isn't an issue.


Looks like you got a bit confused, you could have removed the additional warranty to make it £1278 inc delivery Strange how John Lewis didn't price match either as I've done that myself with no problems for £1249, rgb direct have a shop in Ilford Glad you managed to get elsewhere though


Might take a trip to Chester richer sounds next few days


Then don't select it?

LG OLED55B7V £999 + £29 Del @ RGB direct
Refreshed 28th Dec 2018Refreshed 28th Dec 2018
Guys check this deal, was 1199 in Black Friday promotion, now 999. Seems like good offer.

look at the price spy history(close enough) https://pricespy.co.uk/audio-video/tvs/lg-oled55b7v--p4095122?q=LG b7 https://pricespy.co.uk/audio-video/tvs/lg-oled55b8--p4730918?q=LG b8 B7(£2k+) hit around June 2017 the B8(2.5k) around June 2018 so only 12 month between them Both were 2k by Aug of their year sensible price(<£1,500) B7 Nov 2017 B8 Sep 2018. (10 months) cheap(<1,200) B7 June 18 B8 oct 2018 (4month) There were some earlier short price window April for the B7 and Sept for the B8 (6 month) In terms of tech they are 12 month apart but in terms of value the B8 is well ahead on the curve We have seen price matching B7/B8 at £1k so the B8 should go under £1k in the new year maybe lower approaching June (clearly there is the margin to shift at £1k)


Bold statement (everyones) (lol)


Everybody’s homework says LG OLED spunk’s on Samsung QLED


He’s listed a load of tellys which aren’t as good as the LG on here. They are QLED which isn’t as good as OLED.


Macros Do your homework. LGs are junk.

Bose QC35 II noise cancelling bluetooth headphones £249.99 at RGB Direct
Refreshed 29th Dec 2018Refreshed 29th Dec 2018
Best price I've seen (without having to buy from the continent to save a few £s). Not sure if these beat the Sony 1000XM3s but they're cetainly one of the best noise cancelling hea… Read more
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Price back up to £289 now so will expire - if you don't mind importing from Amazon Spain there is a good deal here: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bose-quietcomfort-qc35-ii-wireless-bluetooth-noise-cancelling-headphones-243-delivered-amazon-spain-3156414


Sony Australia


Where from


Have taken a punt. Ordered the XM3's for £220 using my Monzo card. Feel like a kid waiting for Christmas now (lol)


I’ve read and watched most of the reviews for the Bose qc35(ii) and Sony mx3, they are both great headphones, Sony’s have better sound, but the microphone (call quality) on the Sony headphones is terrible, this is the one thing consistent in all the reviews for the mx3.

Panasonic TX55FZ802B 55" OLED with 5 year warranty £1299 @ RGB
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
If you're not fussed about Dolby Vision support, this is the OLED to get. Supposed to have the most accurate picture with very good processing. 5 year warranty and HDMI cable throw… Read more

Tried again and was accepted...Just depends on who looks at it I suppose.


Keep trying... I put 3 in and all 3 were accepted..


How did you get on with JL? They rejected my request.


Yes it had dropped to £1249 when I rang and I hadn't noticed and they just offered to beat it.


That is very good deal you got!!! (y)

LG OLED55B7V 55 Inch Smart TV £999 RGB Direct
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
55" LG tv Called PRC and they will give the new model OLED55B8C not sure about RGB Update this is now 999 heat added
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Just to report all went through Ok with correct payment and TV was delivered on the agreed date. Very Happy with TV


I just don't have it in me any more I'm afraid. I battled with Sony over the KD-65X8509C that I bought from PCW/Currys a couple of years back. The banding was terrible, and the Android OS that Sony implemented was the worst I have ever come across on any device. Constant crashes, non-responsiveness etc. At the worst point, The Android OS wouldn't even open, and the set couldn't be factory reset any other way than through Android (the previous years models could). I only managed to get anywhere after days & days by plugging in a Windows keyboard, and then managed to activate a "search function" which allowed me to install a new launcher, which then allowed me to open the Android OS and factory reset the TV. Anyway, after 3 replacements, each one with worse banding the the previous one, and numerous emails with Customer Service, not getting anywhere, I finally began emailing the CEO in Japan. Finally, after 13 months, they relented & gave me a full refund. I really can't face going through it again, when I know that OLEDs do suffer from burn-in, and LED/LCDs do suffer from banding, so to be fair, there's probably not anything that I'm likely to be able to buy currently, that i'd be happy with for long.


i just dont understand why i need to pay again when i gave all card details for original order and if it is same price this seems weird. I didn't mean RGB were scamming I meant a 3rd party pretending to be RBG.


Don't think they're in the business of scamming.


so I have had the call from RGB for upgrade at same price but they have sent me a link for paying again and the link is at the higher price which they have said they will correct afterwards to the same price?? is this how it worked for others? Bit concerned I am being scammed

LG OLED55B8SLC for the price of LG OLED55B7V! £200 off a 4k OLED £1099 @ RGB Direct. 5-year warantee included!
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
I was just about to take the plunge for the B8 from John Lewis at £1299, 18 months interest free, (found here - hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-oled55b8slc-oled-4k-hdr-smart-tv-55-with-5-… Read more

Ah okay thanks for that ! not sure if there will be much on there as opposed to the play store but will have a look. Failing that I see that there are a few nice aquarium screen saver type videos on YouTube which will do the job. Anyone remind me off some decent gaming screen settings / adjustments for use with an Xbox one s ?


LG content store or something.


Guys anyone advise me if / where I can access extra apps to download on my tv ? Looking to install a 4k fishtank screensaver type app. Anyone advise ? Thanks.john


Well they picked up the damaged one and dropped off a brand new one today as promised. I've got it back up on the wall already, but will keep the box for at least 30 days in case.


You know they can turn off right?

Panasonic TX65FZ952B £2599 with code @ RGB Direct
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Panasonic TX65FZ952B £2599.00 with code BF100 i been searching for the best price on this tv and this is the best so far if you see a better deal let me know please,+ you also get… Read more

i been looking for about a week and im down to this or the lg c8


awesome price mate (y) best price so far hands down. Gonna wait till tomorrow just in case.

49" LG SUPER UHD TV 49SK8100PLA with free HDMI cable £549 @  RGB
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Excellent Super UHD TV from LG, use code SPORTS50 to take £50 off. Richer sounds may price match, but only in-store. RGB will give you free HDMI cable worth £19.99.

Super ultra is true 4k, the bog standard tvs they call ultra hd use rgbw technology so you only get a 2.8k picture, google lg rgbw and you get allot of information about them not being true 4k


Uses 'Nano Cell' tech, which is like LG's version of Samsung Quantum Dot tech.. Its all marketing BS to be honest though.. I foudn that LG's Flagship LCD sets are poor esp their Local Dimming, where as LG's OLED sets are sublime.


What’s difference between super ultra and ultra HD?

SAMSUNG UE55NU7100 55" Smart Ultra HD Certified 4K HDR 10+ LED TV with Built-in Wi-Fi, TVPlus £450 @ RGB
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Great price for a 55" Samsung. Was £899.99 Save £400.99 Use promo code BF50 at checkout to receive 50 Pounds discount making it £449. JL currently have it for £519. I really w… Read more

Would you mind taking a pic of it? I just got the standard black remote that came with it


It depends on the aspect ratio the movie or tv was intended for.


Yes mine did from John Lewis


just got my price match money back but fudge me they made it difficult 'sir did u check ur tv..' me-why did u send it damaged? ill check it when i open it... 'ok sir so u got item' me-yes..3 weeks later..'ok sir u only have 30 days to return item if any damage ? me- it says 3 years warranty imbecile? john lewis- ok we will refund you price match promise sir £50 lol ..took just 5 weeks


Also is it supposed to come with the Samsung smart remote ?