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Rhino 40L Flexi Tubs only £3 at Asda! (instore)
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Rhino 40L Flexi Tubs only £3 at Asda! (instore)

Posted 3rd Jan 2010Available: National

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Got one from Sheffield, Handsworth they had hundreds upstairs, should be allover, but you could call your local and ask if it's stocked

Great quality these, should last a life-time,

£8-12 online, stadium.uk.com
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these are going for £1.99 at the co-op near us
That's a good price, they are normally £6 at B&Q.
this is a good price i found yellow ones at wickes for £3.91 just before xmas really handy for lego .
Seen these in a few branches of Asda. Picked one up a couple of months ago so looks like a permanent offer. Very handy and well worth £3!
I bought one last week in Asda when they were selling them all for £1.50

Excellent quality and well worth even £3
We use these at work to sell cables from, ideal for storing..um, most things!
i use these as toy buckets lol! They hold lots of toys and are easy to move
Good to store your Stella in for BBQ in the summer.
Thanks for the heads up on this one :-D I've been looking for some cheap containers like this to grow potatoes in this year!
Thanks OP these make great log baskets (due to the flex) ,mixing planting etc..
Nice deal.

Can't beat it but I noticed you can get 45 Litre trugs at Newitts for £5.03each + delivery. They look slightly better quality from the picture and might be useful for those who need slightly more capacity.

Lol Rhino, I've Heard Of Gorilla , Rhino , What Next? Donkey Tub?
just to add to the many uses i use mine to put washing in before hanging out on line (summer mostly!) very useful but don't stack inside each other took me ages to prize apart!!

I bought one last week in Asda when they were selling them all for … I bought one last week in Asda when they were selling them all for £1.50Excellent quality and well worth even £3

You sure that was the 40L?

They got the 26L smaller ones for £1.50 so it may be them that you got
Has someone informed Lolrus about these ?
these make excellent washing baskets. much stronger than the usual flimsy things that bend when you put more than 3 items in.
I've bought loads of these from asda - they are brilliant and really good quality at £3 they are bargin.
Does anyone know if they have purple ones?
I've used these before and the handles always break. Tubtrugs are much better. They cost a bit more but at least you don't end up throwing them away after a couple of weeks. Got mine from Containerama. They have more colours too.
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