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Vredestein Fortezza Senso Xtreme Weather Tyre 28mm & 23mm £15.98 delivered @Ribble
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
They also have the senso all weather tyre for £8.99 in 23mm. Vredestein Fortezza Senso Xtreme Weather; High performance tyre for cold and wet conditions, the Fortezza Senso Xtrem… Read more
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On road tyres this narrow, any tread is purely cosmetic, it all comes down to the rubber compound. They calculated that to aquaplane on narrow road tyres you would need to be doing 200mph+


No problem glad you like them. Think if you have the clearance 28c way to go for the winter. You'll be doing Paris Roubaix on them next!


Thanks OP first ride on mine today, very pleased. They made the pitted (pitiful?) Sussex roads bearable and depsite going from 23c to 28c I didn’t feel I was any slower. Great find.


Gators are a hard shell tyre, aimed at preventing punctures. These will be softer to allow for control in poor conditions. Don't ride in the gutter you'll be fine on these.


This :/

Ribble Sportive Racing Road Bike Ultegra with free Ribble Sportive Bundle £999
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
I've been looking for a new bike for a little while and this is the best I've found with my size in stock. Carbon frame with Ultegra 8000 groupset all for under £1,000. Good valu… Read more

Black is available at this price as well now.


Probably true, but I'm getting there :-) Regardless of rider weight, however, a light bike is a far nicer thing to ride. What's your own steed?


I like the bike... But the price.... Can't afford it...


If your body weight needs sorting then look at that first before worrying about a few hundred grams on a bike!


I got too tempted, stuck my order in!

Prorace Rapide Carbon Frame and Forks (inc headset) £249.99 Ribble Cycles
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Cheapest carbon frame + carbon fork combo I have seen! The medium 49cm frame + fork weigh 1600g, which is lightweight at this price point It is availible in medium 49cm and large 5… Read more
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Looking at the spec of the defy, I wouldn't have said it was worth moving too much across. You are better off buying a new groupset and salvaging the seatpost/handlebars/saddle/wheels from the old bike. You may even find some new bikes priced competitively enough to make it worth buying outright as a pre built bike instead of the frame. (planetx is probably your best bet for that)


Most parts should fit, might need different cranks as the BB on this is press fit. Not sure how sizes work on them. Maybe different front mech as well depending on fitting. Cables I assume you'd replace when swapping stuff but might be different lengths/different amounts of outer cable needed, and the chain length might even slightly off but probably ok. Seatpost might be a different diameter. Everything else will be a straight swap.


What he said. Many people use press fit BBs and are quite happy with them and newer versions don't have creaks. But a threaded BB does the job just fine and the tooling is a lot cheaper.


Also, speaking of cost-engineering, PlanetX Pro Carbon frame costs exactly the same as this full price and weighs a feather less. Worth keeping an eye on their deals as I'm pretty sure they've let pro carbon frames go for a hunna in sales gone by.


Proprietary tools to fit/replace, disposable non-servicable component, will creak more than your nan's knees if not fitted with microscopic precision. They're not bad components per-se, they've just been cost-engineered arguably to the detriment of the consumer.

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Ribble Evo Pro Tiagra Road Bike - full carbon Tiagra groupset for £749
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Great deal for those after a new bike Decent full carbon frame, good groupset and wheels Ribble Evo Pro Tiagra SE The Evo Pro is newly redesigned and improved for 2017 and is our… Read more
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Deal still on but with XS and S only although a Small is from 5'4 to 5'6


Again all of this is guessing, not facts. Yes they clearly only assemble in Germany. No one said they made the frames there.


Can't see much testing equipment to this facility and if you look at the assembly floor there doesn't look like enough capacity to justify full frame development. It's a basic warehouse and assembly area with the only additional process not all companies do is actual wheel assembly. I'd very surprised if they aren't just buying in frames from the far east with their own choice of frame tweaks. Likely all the frame testing and certification is done at the frame manufacturer. Maybe the wind tunnel is just out of site at the Rose facility. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/rose-bikes-tour-germany-2016.html You just seem like another gullible person who sucks down all the marketing information hook, line and sinker. Surely any reasonable and sane person would give the credit to the quality of the frame and its technology to the actual manufacturer. You know the company that actually developed the technology, the manufacturing facility and actually makes the product. Your mindset is just one I completely reject, there is little logic or fairness in it but then I tend to reject marketing information and try to look at the realistic full picture. Companies in the far east like Giant and Merida are manufacturing exceptional high quality carbon frames and companies like fuji-ta are producing very good quality more budget aluminium and carbon frames. We will have to agree to disagree.


I didn't say it was untrue. I said I didn't agree. But here are a couple if things that you are wrong on since you ask: Rose frames are designed by them and made for them. Not just sourced from China. You find another manufacturer making something as innovative as the new X lite six. The frame is so light and stuff and has been wind tunnel tested by rose. Comparing your 62 quid claris bike to a 1200 quid ultegra one is so ridiculous it's funny Comparing Halfords bikes to this is just funny As for the rest of what you said.... absolutely none if it makes any sense nor is any of it based on any fact what so ever. You are assuming with no basis whatsoever. What was the Indian aluminium\folding framw ramble about. How in any way was that anything to do with a Ribble carbon frame? It's not the same thing by any stretch and you have no clue if they make the Ribble frame. It's disingenuous to suggest so.


You not agreeing with it doesn't make it untrue and stating it's a ramble hardly adds to your viewpoint as you appear to be nothing more than a childish keyboard warrior. Is there any actual point I've stated that you can claim is false?

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Ribble R872 Carbon Road Bike with Ultegra!! £1299 (C&C / £20 delivery)
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
I've just taken delivery of one of these beauties, unfortunately it was before this offer came out!!! Still it was a bargain at the price I paid and is even more of a steal now. Ul… Read more

Will they take ride to work scheme at ribble


I won't pay more than £50 quid on Gumtree for a similar bike. Gumtree is full of blatantly nicked bikes usually in South or East London


Well, collection from Preston is always an option. Fortunately I don't live far away


I always look at the whole package, I know you can upgrade later but my point is it's better to get it right at the beginning so I would see the full build weight as important for me personally if I was buying such a bike. I've seen some sites where they actually state weights component by component which maybe is over the top but an overall weight and frame weight seems important to me if you are buying a lightweight carbon bike. I don't agree about durianrider his viewpoint is a breath of fresh air compared to the sponsored and paid for youtube channels which never contradict or question manufacturer's claims as they would be commercially mad to do so. I'm certainly not saying I agree with all he says but seems a genuinely independent viewpoint. Other sites bypass important questions or create video articles that warp reality somewhat to appease the companies that fund them. I guess I prefer durianriders more extreme reviews where he really praises what he likes but gives poor products a huge kicking it's easier to process than those sites that are avoiding criticism of products and you end up unsure about how good or bad a product really is and it becomes a waste of time watching it. Durianrider might say something like great bike but you really don't need to spend this money, the gains are very small over <insert bike name half the price> etc. He'll give a time advantage over a distance or more likely watts as indicated by Strava and you end up with a good picture of how much faster that bike is for its additional 3,000 extra cost. He may even indicate advantages to the cheaper bike, strength, more height adjustable saddle, more durable wheels etc. Sort of things that other sites may avoid doing. He has a pretty strong moral compass being vegan which I admire too. To summarise I would certainly say a better source than a sponsored site even if they claim it doesn't effect their reviews.


£1299 for the bike, and they have the brass neck to charge £20 extra for delivery

Ribble R872 ultegra at Ribble Cycles for £1199
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Seems a tempting price!! Usually retails at £1649 So a decent chunk has been taken off the price. Does not come with pedals, what the ****. Haha (party) ......... Official blu… Read more

You can get an additional 5% (£60) off if you are eligible for Defence Discount Services via a discount code


If you’re worried about pressfit bottom brackets look up “wheels manufacturing”. I have a BBright bottom bracket from them that has been flawless, and a 2 min job to change bearings. Expect to pay about 4+x the price of the disposable press fit ones though...


Most problems are with creaking and noisy bottom brackets as it's easier to align the bearings perfectly if they are inserted with a threaded bottom bracket, it's cheaper to make frames with a press fit BB though. There is now a move back to threaded bottom brackets after these issues. If you do a search on 'Press fit bottom bracket problem's or 'noisy bottom bracket' you should get an idea of the issue. Wider tyres are more comfortable as you can run at a lower pressure so absorbing more bumps and again the move is towards 28mm on normal road riding whereas 5 years ago most road bikes would be on 23mm as it was believed (wrongly) it was more aerodynamic and faster.


can you explain the downsides of a press fit bottom bracket please? do people usually go up to 28mm tyres for the winter or on more 'commuter' based routes through the city?


Unfortunately it's a press fit bottom bracket and maximum width of tyres that will fit is only 25mm. Still if you buy it you can sing 'Excavating Rita' I’m on Shimano Ultegra now, ain’t you heard?

Ribble TT 105 Clearance Bike £649.10 at Ribble Cycles
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Seems like quite a lot of bike for not much money... USE CODE: 5OFFTT to get the price down to £684.05 (EDIT: Or use the code DISPLAY10 to get 10% off instead, as it states o… Read more

I said this almost exactly when deciding to get a 4th girlfriend or not.


Defo not, dangerous. Brakes and gears in different positions. One reason this looks cheap for a 105 group set is no sti lever / shifters.


Nah, you'll be much better off with a regular road bike, I'd say.if you can spend £175 more there's an epic deal on here for a carbon Genesis with Tiagra.


Silly question, but anyone know if it's worth getting this bike for road use? Looking to get a 105 and this seems to be the cheapest


I would agree with you. You get more feed back from aluminium. I've found that when I'm giving it full beans on an aluminium frame, you can tell from the feel of the ride. The opposite could be said of carbon. I actually got an ally tt bike frame and did a budget build to see if I could get on with it. I loved riding it and the position on it was very comfortable. When I upgraded to a carbon frame the ride was so smooth. I was going along thinking I wasn't going very fast because it didn't feel fast like with ally. I then look at my garmin to see I'm going 23mph.

Continental GatorSkin Rigid Tyre25mm £18 @Ribble
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Great durable road bike tire. 25mm+ is the future!
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Oh and 28s are the way forward, just make sure you have clearance, especially on bikes with rim brakes.


Gatorskins are lethal. I ride 5000km a year and avoid them at all costs. Terrible wet weather grip! Buy GP4 Seasons for the same protection with some grip. They will save your life.


ordered 28s thanks


Minimum £2.99 P&P


Good find, thanks.

Deda Cork Ribbon Handlebar Tape £3 / £5.99 delivered Ribble Cycles
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Good reviews, with various colours available (some at £3.08).

It's not the greatest tape of all time (a bit rippy, leaves residue on the bars when removed), but it's available in lots of colours at a cheap price


Worst bar tape I ever fitted... I get its discounted but even at that price it's cold from me.


Delivery is £2.99 minimum.

Shimano SLX M7000 hydraulic brake set £102.58 @ Ribble Cycles
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
I was looking for a set of brake pads for my M7000 brakes and came across this on Ribble which is an extremely good price. Front - £52.59 Rear - £49.99 Can be bought individually… Read more

nice find


What brakes have you used in the past? The difficulty with a lot of bike parts is that it comes down to rider preference, some people don't like the quick grabby nature of the Shimanos and the new Guide brakes seem to have quite a few fans after Sram's rocky reputation with the Avids and DB's. I have the inferior Sram DB5's that came with a bike and they're not great but on the other hand they work fine and it's a lot of hassle to replace them. I've got a set of SLX's ready to go on it and should really do it while that bike is on its winter break.


Very good brakes, can't go wrong for this price.


Great stoping power, had them on a jump bike, it was more then enough and then on trials bike for a while not the way to go duh, cost me about £140 at the time and then I laid my eyes on magura mt5 for like £160 and all I can say that i should have got magura from the get go... No way to compare them two, magura takes it all For this price shimano is a good choise for a decent MTB


My YT Jeffsy came with Sram Guide R brakes, which I have yet to try, but have read they are not amazing. Would these be worth getting to replace the Guide R brakes and then sell them on ebay?

2XU Womens X-Vent Front Zip Tri-suit size medium £26 delivered @ ribble cycles plus 2.1% TCB (rrp £116)
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Womens X-Vent Front Zip Trisuit Sometimes, the simple act of letting go can help you achieve more than you ever imagined. Of course, you’ve got to put in the hard work, but when i… Read more
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Lol - if it helps I'm a size 10 and these are small fitting- medium on me is snug.


Oh i know great find need to eat more turkey this Xmas (lol) (lol)


Yes as per title - sorry


Only medium ;(

Continental GatorSkin Rigid Tyre - £18 / £20.99 delivered @ Ribble Cycles
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Pretty self explanatory
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Pay the extra few quid. Get folding. Rigid are a nightmare.


Agree Durano’s are a great tyre. I use folding Durano Raceguard for winter bike. Puncture resistant and grippy in the wet.


Wiggle Prime Armour folding tyres have a near full band I think. 317 grams weight in the 25mm. Price has shot up but CRC currently have them them at the old price. They look a near match to the Btwin Resist 9. Note that buying 2 likely misses the Quidco £2.50 cashback. 3 covers it. CRC deduct a large amount for postage from cashback values. I use them on the rear wheel.


Check your current tyre. It should be 700c the other number is the width, which is up to you.


I’ve got giant defy 2015 Large model, anyone know which size I need? Thanks(embarrassed) (embarrassed)

R872 Ultegra £1199 @ Ribble cycles
Found 14th Nov 2017Found 14th Nov 2017
Reduced from £1649.00. Great spec Black Friday Special Edition specification Matte Silver full carbon T1000/T800 frame and fork Vision Team 30 Wheelset with Continental Ultra… Read more

Great price for a superb carbon frame with the new Ultegra gruppo! I've had the old style R872 as a winter bike for the last couple of years and it's faster than my summer pinarello!

Ribble Sportive Racing Ultegra/105 SE (carbon) - £999.99 @ Ribble Cycles
Found 24th Oct 2017Found 24th Oct 2017
Hi, I am looking for a bike around the £1000 - £1400 and i have seen this. Hopefully some well informed people can give a thumbs up/down and pros/cons. I will also comment with th… Read more

The 510 is an ok crankset, but obviously not as good as the 105 5800


Nearly all bikes at a price point are a compromise. I have a 105 synapse, but the crank is FSA. As mentioned before brakes, wheels and Crank are normally the areas that companies skimp on to get below a certain price point. But 105 is a great group set so I wouldn’t be too bothered that it wasn’t full Ultegra,


Do some hunting on ‘tinternet,can get better spec for the same money


As jas says. Plus it's not all ultegra. Bits are 105 too. But hey it's under a grand...


Built to a price point, The groupset has cheap brakes, cheap crank and is massively let down by very cheap and heavy wheels. Its always the biggest compromise on most bikes around this price point. You are best looking for a 2017 bike in the sale from a major brand this time of year

Continental GatorHardshell Rigid Tyre - Twinpack £39.99 @ Ribble Cycles
Found 5th Sep 2017Found 5th Sep 2017
These are excellent tyres for puncture-resistance. This seems like a good price (I paid £55 a couple of years ago for a pair ).

Great spot OP, thanks.


Yup, for city riding they're all right. As long as you're sensible with your cornering then you ought to be fine. But when it comes to descending down -15% hills around corners and braking for hairpins in the wet you want softer rubber which is grippier.


for city commuting, the gator hardshells are perfect I used to get lots of punctures on my stock tyres, fewer on gatorskin, and none ever with gator hardshell I've used wet/dry, and I just "drive the conditions" - i.e. going slower and being more careful when it's wet and icy. Never had a problem, but it stands to reason that tougher tyres will be made of harder rubber, which loses grip more easily in the cold and wet


that's gatorskin gator hardshell is better in my experience


Some years ago Gatorskin were very slippery tyres and I used 4 seasons, Then I and a few mates noticed 4 seasons started to go granular, pick up road debris and get punctures. So I went back to Gatorskins about 18 months ago - what a difference. Mine - 25 front 28 rear have stacks of grip now - enough to lift the back wheel in the wet when it all goes wrong on the Lakes /Yorkshire hills. Just a balance of opinion!