Ribena 200ml 4 pack cartons £1.50 for two packs or £1.56 for one! at Tesco Express

Ribena 200ml 4 pack cartons £1.50 for two packs or £1.56 for one! at Tesco Express

LocalFound 9th Jun 2013
Not sure if this is National, but it had the standard Tesco promotional label so it probably is. I saw these in Tesco Express on Tottenham Court Road. Sorry if it's already posted. I know it's an expensive way to buy Ribena and I'm sure it will rot your teeth but if this is the way you like to drink it, then this deal may be for you!
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Interesting new drink? Sure its not Ribena?

Interesting new drink? Sure its not Ribena?:)

oh b*****! That's what you get for being hungover and relying on SwiftKey to do all the work!
Not online, so better than even chance it's NOT national. 4x 200ml - £1.49, All varieties - 10 x 200ml £2 (on offer down from £2.69)

Saw it in my local but is sold out. Will pop back again tomorrow. Thanks
This is national, i work at store kearsley express in bolton & can confirm its on there, have some heat
Thanks for the heads up!!
Works out at £1.87 for 10. 13p cheaper than the 10 packs for £2. Marginal offer really. 20p a carton is my usual target for the 200ml packs. The 500ml ones are usually 2 for £2 in supermarkets. Which makes the cartons much better value.
Ooooh my small Tesco in town had these in stock. Guessing the stock will run out pretty quick. I bought 4 leaving about 4 on shelf. Fail!!!
Another one of Tescos dumb deals .. Buy 2 for £1.50 or £1.56 for one.. Mmm ok ... HOT though coz it is a good deal
Confirm . Stonebridge Hill express none on the shelf but hade the sticker with offer on . Wembley Central express nw sticker on the shelf , lots on stock and at the till the offer is showing . Hot
Thank you
None when I looked earlier, but 4 x 200ml at my Sainsbury for £1.
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