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Rice Digital Summer Sale - Steins Gate 0 limited edition (PS4) £8.99 Guilty Gear Xrd 2 £9.99 + More @ RiceDigital
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Metroid: Samus Returns + T-Shirt Bundle £24.99 Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Merch Bundle (M) £17.99 Gal*Gun 2 - Nintendo Switch £27.99

Sadly not really from what I've seen, I grabbed it for the singleplayer modes though and of course the fancy merch.


Ended up grabbing the merch, thats an excellent price even just for the vinyls.


I was hoping for a decent discount on the MuvLuv games (critically acclaimed visual novel series for Vita) but even at the “discounted” prices, you can get them cheaper at Base.com


Does anyone know if guilty gear is busy online

Punchline Cheermancy edition Vita/PS4 Preorder - Rice Digital/Base @ £79.99 / £26.85
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Pre-Order for the game is now up on rice digital. Same price is also for the Ps4. Although for VN style games prefer the vita. For those only interested in the game alone and don'… Read more

Cheers op, this is a great saving (y)


What was your old kit?


Thanks, cancelled my standard edition order from Amazon for £35, buying from Base instead


It'll be my new Hatoful Boyfriend cosplay starter kit.


Haha, the pigeon mask is the game changer!

Muv-luv Collectors edition for Vita pre-order @ RiceDigital - £59.99
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Just saw Rice Digital doing pre-orders for Muv-luv and muv-luv alternative, UK and US version with bonus art cards. Individually they're £34.99 each. Amazon currently only selling… Read more

Do Rice Digital Charge on dispatch or upon ordering?


Couldn't refuse. Thank fudge I decided not to collect limited edition switch games like I did work the vita! Still for a lot of love for the vita even if physical releases are starting to dry up :(


Gotta play the first game(two parts) as the second game is a sequel that ties it all together


What's the difference between the 2 games?


You can get them for £27.99 each at 365Games, but for just a £4 saving personally I still went with the collector's edition.

Steins;Gate Zero Limited Edition £11.94 - PlayStation 4 (PS4) @ Rice digital
Found 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
Great price for the limited edition, £9.99 + standard delivery (cost me £11.94) ''Steins;Gate 0 is the follow up to the award-winning and chart-topping Steins;Gate – the sc… Read more
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Ordered. Thanks


Already have this on the Vita, but tempted to buy again on principle. £9.99! (party)


Hmm, not sure their description of 'main story' would be correct in this instance - maybe for one 'route', but you need to do them all to get the 'true' ending.


According to HLTB: Main Story - 12hrs Main + extras - 27hrs Completionist - 29 1/2 hrs All styles - 25hrs Check the link to see the difference between rushed and leisurely times. https://howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=39477


How long does this take to complete ?

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Moon Crux Edition - (PS Vita & PS4 available) £21.94 Delivered @Rice Digital
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is the highly-anticipated, standalone action title set within the much-loved Fate universe. The ‘Moon Crux Edition’ contains a 7.5” by 6.3” hardcove… Read more

Woah sweet, that's an excellent deal. Thanks OP, HEAT!


It's the English version :)


Is this version that they are selling in English or Japanese?


Great game, great collection!


Ordered vita Thanks! One more closer to finishing the collection

Root Letter Pen Pal Edition (Rice Exclusive) - PlayStation 4 (PS4) £19.99 + £1.95 p&p
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
£29.99 on Amazon and £42.45 eBay The Pen Pal Edition of Root Letter contains Standard version of Root Letter on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita. Premium Artbook as relea… Read more

It's a great little site. I also forgot to visit over the weekend. Sure I signed up for the newsletter as well. Heat.


£9.99 for the standard edition game is pretty good, too


Totally missed Rice's Sale.. Would have liked the NEET Akiba's Beat It was on my store widh list, you'd think they could have at least emailed me about the sale :(

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace - Limited Edition + Artbook - PlayStation 4 (PS4) - £9.99 @ Rice Digital
Found 1st Sep 2017Found 1st Sep 2017
Seems a pretty good deal considering a standard copy of the game is £14.99 on the site. There is also a VITA version for the same price. P&P is £1.99 or free over £50.


Why have I ordered this, what's wrong with me (aside from morbid curiosity) (lol) heat given (y)


So it's £11.98 with P&P? You should really have that in the title.


No this time.


Already got the Vita version, but tempted by the PS4 version at this price :/

Root letter (PS4) £9.99 / £11.98 delivered @ rice digital
Found 21st Aug 2017Found 21st Aug 2017
Decent price if you were unable to get the limited edition ones from GAME. Hope it helps someone out.
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Seems decent so far if a little slow paced. I'm usually more into the big ones like Steins;Gate, Zero Escape and Ace Attorney but this is more like a slow walk around a new and for the most part normal place. Definitely a very laid back attitude and niche taste needed to get the most out of this one but it's not bad by any stretch.


https://www.base.com/buy/product/root-letter-ps4/dgc-rtletps4.htm i bought it from rom base before free delivery Inc for £11.85


Also thanks to whoever changed the title. I didn't notice the delivery charge (cheeky) (cheeky)


Oh sorry I thought it was free it says it on the page itself.


Is this game any good? Is it a strange story?

Gal Gun: Double Peace Limited Edition Vita  - Rice Digital £7.99 +£1.95 Delivery
Found 2nd Aug 2017Found 2nd Aug 2017
Best deal I have found for this edition of the game, its even cheaper than the standard edition, another limited edition Vita game to add to your collection.

received mine today, (postmark york) will defo use ricedigital again if they have anything for a decent price that i want!


That delivery charge they've added on recently is really annoying to me. I know it's irrational but just feels like I'm paying more. Sites like Base/Game/Shopto/Gameseek can do it, why can't fhey


Yep, it has expired. Check the date just below the code. Expired in July. Sucks. Normally, PSN codes last a few years, but this only came out in 2016, so bit of a pain in the arse. Still, it's worth the price alone for the artbook, but defo would have liked the code to work.


Mine arrived today... But the DLC Pre Order Code isn't working? Is anyone else experiencing the same? Not sure what to do as that Code is worth £11.99 on the PSN Store If you were to Buy It separately :/


Damn I'm always at work when these kind of deals are on lol

Gal*Gun: Double Peace - Limited Edition + Artbook - PlayStation 4 PS4 was £44.99 now £7.99 @ Rice digital
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
Gal*Gun Double Peace is a railgun shooter that does away with zombies or groups of mercenaries. Instead, trek your way through a bright and colourful academy, fending off your fell… Read more
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Mine arrived today as well, they 9/10 throw in a bag of haribo. I jokingly complained that never put in a bag once , they sent me two a few day's later.


westy90why don't you try the haribos and report back.


You stole my words


Mine arrived today with a small packet of haribo inside is that normal


Got for the Vita, thanks OP

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star Moon Crux Edition (PS Vita) £31.94 Delivered @ Rice Digital
Found 29th Jul 2017Found 29th Jul 2017
Edit: £1.95 delivery charge was missing, added to total price now. Seems like a good value to me. The game itself is around £20+ almost everywhere but for a tenner extra you are … Read more

I did exactly the same! too cheap to pay postage and buying both gave free shipping ;)


I went for it after watching a few videos on YouTube. Also ordered the Limited Edition of Root Letter.


I was planning on buying this for the Nintendo switch but it's not often I get to buy a collectors for the vita. Couldn't resist. Thanks!


Just googled and someone said its like dynasty warriors....i stopped reading at that point


Has anyone played this game? Trying to build up my Vita collection and like the Collector's Editions but never played this series.

Fate/extella: The Umbral Star (PS4) £19.99 @ Rice Digital (Base £18.99)
Found 21st May 2017Found 21st May 2017
PS4 version finally made it sub £20. Free delivery.

Damn that's good!


rice digital screwed up my order. they sent me the collectors version


Still north of £40 for an ex-rental on Boomerang!


Base dropped the price this morning.


I'm not sure now. I just looked under the 'buy it now' and it says free UK delivery.

BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Azure Edition (EU Rice Exclusive) - PlayStation 4 (PS4) - £34.99 @ Rice Digital
Found 27th Feb 2017Found 27th Feb 2017
This is it! BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION is the pinnacle of BLAZBLUE, the popular fighting game series from Arc System Works, the creators of Guilty Gear. This is the first brand new in… Read more
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Can anyone say if the artbook is decent? Are there different illustrations/rough works to those which can be unlocked in BB: Central Fiction's gallery mode? I do like a good artbook but prefer it to not be a paper replica of the game's available gallery.


You can also get the goodies for £20 by themselves but as the game is £25 may as well drop a tenner for the extras :)


Aaaagghhh.......tempting for all them goodies plus the game.

Steins;Gate 0 Amadeus Edition 50% off PS Vita/PS4 - £29.99/£34.99 @ Rice digital
Found 23rd Feb 2017Found 23rd Feb 2017
My first post! This deal can be found at Rice Digital. Hurry and grab yourself a bargain! PS Vita format has now sold out.

more tat for eBay scalpers


If you're not to fussed about all the other bits game have the limited edition with art book for £14.99.


Ps4 sold out also. Valkyrie drive and root letter collectors editions still have stock at half price


If you don't care about the game having an esrb rating on the front cover, the US version is still available for vita: http://www.ricedigital.co.uk/store/steins-gate-0-ps-vita-amadeus-edition-collectors-edition-us-version


Apparently it won't let me change the link. Posting is new to me. Sorry guys.

Guilty Gear Xrd Visual Book and Vinyl Bundle £9.94 Delivered (Using Code) @ Rice Digital
Found 14th Jan 2017Found 14th Jan 2017
Code: RICEJAN Limited Edition GUILTY GEAR Double Red Vinyl with Art Sleeves – this is the only pressing of this red vinyl on the world, featuring the Soundlive 2014 live recordi… Read more
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ill give it a blast when it arrives. bargain at a tenner like you say


You won't regret it. The soundtrack for these games is some of the most rock-heavy around. The musicians that play at the live events don't half-**** it either so I expect these tracks to sound fabulous on the record player. How often do we get a vinyl and artbook for £10 including shipping? Bargain if you ask me.


never heard of it but bought it anyway hahaha wtf.


Ordered one as a birthday treat :-) Might try and buy a frame for the vinyl


Great. Something I didn't need about 10 minutes ago and now desperately want so bought it. That's a crazy low price for any brand new double vinyl, regardless of the content.

20% off site wide at Rice Digital. Gal*Gun: Double Peace - Mr. Happiness Edition (Rice Exclusive) - PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Rice digital have a site wide money off code for 20% off anything. RICEJAN just enter that at the checkout and your set. Shipping is still £1.95 or £3.95 method dependent. There… Read more
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are there any similar discounts happening right now, 30 for the happiness edition seems pretty good


Ive been burned by RD too many times, other than the exclusives everything else can be found cheaper elsewhere


Mr Happiness 'screen cleaner'.... oO


I do agree but this is mainly For there exclusive editions. Sorry all if they are out of stock just they all showed as in stock to me. ​


I looked at their site earlier and it didn't seem like anything they had was a 'deal' even with 20% off. Prices are unreasonably high across the board I think.

Guilty Gear Xrd Visual Book and Vinyl Bundle £11.98 Delivered @ Rice Digital (Game Not Included)
Found 4th Jan 2017Found 4th Jan 2017
Limited Edition GUILTY GEAR Double Red Vinyl with Art Sleeves – this is the only pressing of this red vinyl on the world, featuring the Soundlive 2014 live recording of Daisuke Ish… Read more
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Add the £1.99 delivery and you get the price the poster has stated. Still, this is a nice price if you just want the extra from the original LE and don't want to pay through the roof for it.




it seems to have dropped in price to £9.99


Sweet, was going to get this set. Can't argue with £12 either, GG has amazing music.


​completely agree with you

Gal*Gun: Double Peace Mr. Happiness Edition (inc. 'screen cleaner') PS4/Vita £36.94/£34.44 @ Rice Digital
Found 14th Dec 2016Found 14th Dec 2016
Currently 50% off the exclusive 'Mr. Happiness Edition' of Gal*Gun: Double Peace. This edition includes a soundtrack CD, wall scroll, art book and the infamous Rice-exclusive 'scre… Read more
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Was waiting for this to go down, ordered! :D


I'm pretty sure everyone who's given this heat is now on some sort of watch list X)


That screen cleaner is just.... awesome :D




Just when I thought this game couldn't get any more ridiculous. "Screen Cleaner" :| X)

Gal*Gun: Double Peace - Mr. Happiness Edition (Rice Exclusive) - PlayStation Vita Pre-Order £64.99 ricedigital
Found 30th Jun 2016Found 30th Jun 2016
Gal Gun Double Peace is a railgun shooter that does away with zombies or groups of mercenaries. Instead, trek your way through a bright and colourful academy, fending off your fell… Read more

imagine whipping out that screen cleaner on the bus home....


Considering that the regular edition can be bought for like 25 euros on base.com this is really steep price. Very collectible but i'm going to pass it. Not worth the huge price difference.


Just watched the trailer, the most bizarre rail gun shooter I have seen, shooting schoolgirls up their skirt. And theres Nintendo censoring tokyo mirage sessions


well you're a very brave person to use that "screen cleaner"


game for weirdos / future peedos