Richard Pryor Collection Box Set - Car Wash / Stir Crazy / Brewster's Millions / See No Evil, Hear No Evil (DVD) (4 Disc) - £6.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

Richard Pryor Collection Box Set - Car Wash / Stir Crazy / Brewster's Millions / See No Evil, Hear No Evil (DVD) (4 Disc) - £6.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

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Great price for this set!

Car Wash: An ensemble piece which interweaves the lives of employees, customers and passers-by, Car Wash stars a galaxy of gifted actors, most of whom are relatively unknown to movie goers, and spotlights an array of guest stars in vivid cameo roles.

Stir Crazy: Playwright Skip Donahue (Wilder) and actor Harry Monroe (Pryor) are out of work and penniless. Deciding they have had enough of Broadway, they set off to make their fortunes and find freedom down South. On the way, their funds get so low that they have to find work; as singing, dancing Woodpeckers promoting a bank. Plagued by bad luck, thieves steal their costumes and rob the bank, and guess who gets the blame and get put jail?

Brewster's Millions: Brewster (Pryor), a lowly pitcher with the minor league Hackensack Bulls baseball team suddenly is left $300 million by a distant relative. But there's a catch; he must spend $30 million in thirty days without having any assets to show for it. And if he reveals it to a soul the real reason why he's throwing away all his cash, he will forfeit everything! So aided and abetted by his team mate Spike (Candy) and a stream of hangers-on, Brewster begins a spending spree that would bring any self-respecting accountant to his knees...

See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Two men are witness to a murder - a blind man who couldn't see it and a deaf man who couldn't hear it, but somehow they become prime suspects in the case. They escape the police and set out to catch the bad guy themselves...


He is barely in Carwash but it doesn't matter, still a fun 70s era film. And the rest make this set well worth having.

Loved Stir Crazy and See No Evil Hear No Evil - not too sure about other ones - heat added anyhow, thanks for posting

Own this already, cant remember how much i paid but have some heat for a good price.

Cracking price, this should get hot!

fuzzy wuzzy was a woman

lol @ greencode.

Come on guys and gals, this guy is a comic legend!

Deffo worth a punt at this price, See no Evil and Stir Crazy are masterpieces.

"Mensrea? How did we get mensrea?
You mean I'm not white?
20$ to win on Centepede."

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i love see no evil, hear no eil and brewsters millions, not seen the others.
but this is a great set, i presume this is a re-release as i have the original version with a far nicer and funkier cover. was about £4 from cex and in perfect condition, they might still have it actually.

tempted such funny films gotta love the toy aswell

[After chef (Pryor) accidently adds some ganja to the meal]
Maybe she'll think it's the wine. -The wine?
There's no wine in the world that-- Smell that.
This is '65 African gungi from the motherland.
Understand? It's been soaked in the earth back home. This is mean!
One joint of this put Southern California to sleep back in '65.

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