Richard Pryor Ultimate Collection (5 DVD & Book) £10 @ HMV (instore)

Richard Pryor Ultimate Collection (5 DVD & Book) £10 @ HMV (instore)

Found 20th Mar 2009
I spotted these stacked on a shelf today instore for this very nice price - cheapest I've seen.

5 hysterical DVDs. 1 sensational autobiography. The definitive collection from the 'Godfather of Comedy'.


Live & Smoking: When Richard Pryor took the stage at a small New York stand up club back in April 1971, his white liberal audience didn't know what had hit them. The raw young comic delivered a no hold barred performance, aggressively daring people to react.

'Live And Smoking' is an astonishing record of how arguably the world's greatest comedian started honing his skills. Visibly nervous, Pryor nevertheless leaves himself wide open (as he did throughout his career), producing shocked silences when discussing sleeping with white women and giving men oral sex. But when he slips into the characters - of the now infamous - 'Wino Preacher' and 'Willy The Junkie' the audience stops mattering to him. Pryor produces heart-wrenching, closely observed portraits that are almost to painful to watch, but are the mark of a genius storyteller.

Live & Dangerous: He was the biggest movie star in the world, he has been called the greatest stand-up comedian of all time - and now for the first time, his finest show - Richard Pryor: Live in Concert is coming to DVD.

Richard Pryor TV Show (3 Discs): One of the funniest TV programs ever, The Richard Pryor Show features the outrageous comedian at his peak. Airing in 1977, this cutting-edge sketch comedy program dared to challenge censors' restrictions like no other TV series before it. Completing just four shows, Pryor personally cancelled the series after feuds with the censors. His determination to remain true to his vision resulted in a high quality program that was far ahead of it's time.

Plus Richard Pryor's autobiography, Pryor Convictions
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