Richer Sounds Open Box Clearance Sale

Richer Sounds Open Box Clearance Sale

Found 19th Apr 2013
Richer Sounds are having another open box clearance sale. Depends on where you are, but there seems to be some OK deals.
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Call for price
Waste of time if you have to call to get a price.....
i was sent a voucher with an extra 20% off audio products and 10% on tvs...
Looked @local stores - nothing to get excited about tbh, also some of RS 'open box' will be returns, ex demo etc etc and could be missing remotes....

Call for price is a total cop out too.
When it says "call for price", this normally means that they currently still sell that particular product as Brand New and the one that is on the website is a refurbished model.

For example
Yamaha RXV673 is still sold as a brand new product - however they have a refurbished one, so to get the price, you take the brand new price of £449.95 and take off 10% = £405, this the the maximum price they would charge you for that product.

With the current VIP voucher, you can get a further 20% off the price of £405 = £324

If a product on the clearance section has a price, this means that the product is discontinued so you would get 20% off the advertised price ( AV/HIFI etc) or 10% if it was a TV.Type your comment here...

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Not exactly a deal.
I rang up today to investigate one of the LG 47" TV's and was told they are happy to give me 10% off but it's missing screws from the base and a remote. Barely seems worth saving £60 when it's prob going to cost you that to get the parts. To me it seems that Richer Sounds clearances are pants Although this is the first one I have actually looked through with the prospect of buying!

Thank you for the heads up though Evy!
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Waste of time if you have to call to get a price.....

More of a waste of time than trapsing to a store to find out they've only got crap on offer?
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