Richer Sounds, pay 10% purchase price for 5 year warranty then claim cost back if not used

Richer Sounds, pay 10% purchase price for 5 year warranty then claim cost back if not used

Found 27th Apr 2012
Most people who have bought anything in Richer Sounds probably are aware that you can extend the warranty to 5 years for 10% of the purchase price of whatever you buy.
Just noticed on the latest email from them that if you do not claim on the warranty during the 5 years then you can get your money back on it.
The only stipulation seems to be you have to do this in the last month of the 5 years.

I'm guessing from their point of view they are banking on most people forgetting or simply losing the receipt with the warranty details on as 5 years is a long time.

It seems to be a win win, if you claim then great (particularly after the first year as you wouldnt have had the warranty normally after this time) and if you don't claim then it hasn't cost you anything.
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I think the only exception on the cashback is for TV's , at least that used to be the case.
This is not new and has always been this way.

This has always been the case (well the last 10 years at least!)
Apologies you are right not available on tv's, portables, accessories or projectors.

So I'm guessing it would apply to AV receivers and hifi's.

It may well have always been this way but I never knew this so just making people aware.
Did this on a DVD player in 1999 (samsung 709 @ £220!), I then used the 50% buyback they used to offer to get a better unit in 2002, then used the same deal to swap that for a better unit around 2005. Gotta say I'd always get their warranties, they must rely on people forgetting to claim them.
did this on a Pioneer RMX9 in 1999 , got the 5 year warranty back at the end of term , no quibbles
Yes, I don't know what the pros say, but I think Richer Sounds are one of the few companies it's worth taking out extended warranties with!
Richer Sounds Does Not Honour Their Guarantees They recently told me my Samsung Tv was accidentally damaged and they will not honour the guarantee which was only just over one year into the 5 years. I explained it was only handled at the corner screen which had lines when switched on. They told me that my best bet was the home insurance. So please no one fall for their SCAM. Wish I bought it from John Lewis or any other big stores as they normally don't argue and badly treat the customer over a faulty product.
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