Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes (Hardcover)

Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes (Hardcover)

Found 8th Dec 2007
A favourite pastime of the English -- whenever the sky is grey -- is to thumb lovingly through sumptuous recipe books such as Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes and be transported to sunnier climes while (simultaneously) being inspired to tackle these delicious-sounding recipes. To read this book is very much like entering the exotic world the author unfolds for us, and Stein's culinary journey takes us through all the islands and along the coast of this exquisite region. For Stein, this is as much a book about the striking personalities he met along the route as he located the region's finest cuisine. And as the people he met reminded him over and over again, culinary trends are simply not considered in this region: the crucial thing is the quality of the ingredients and who are the best producers of such essential commodities as olive oil.
All of this, of course, chimes perfectly with Stein's own views on such issues, and he commendably ignores the various trends currently driving much cookery, presenting to us here a hundred recipes, including Feta and Mint Pastries, Corsican Oysters with a Pernod and tarragon dressing, along with many others that will inspire and delight. Its a battered cliché to say how essential impressive photography in a cookery book such as this is, but Earl Carter deserves particular commendation here for showcasing Steins creations. --Barry Forshaw


now this guy can actually cook, not like that nigella woman.

she makes food look sexier though ...

Thats debatable, just tell the camerman not to pan below waist level.


she makes food look sexier though ...

Er...misleading price. If you just order this book (which is all the deal is about) then it's £11.75

Collect in store at WH Smith = £10

Play.com = £10.99

(Please don't start with the "but if you order something else to make your order over £15 it's free postage" spiel, because then you're spending £15+ and not £9)



Cheaper here: ]http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123421 … Cheaper here: ]http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123421 for £6.39 delivered ;-)

plus £1 postage and you have to become a member and make a subsequent purchase :whistling:


plus £1 postage and you have to become a member and make a subsequent … plus £1 postage and you have to become a member and make a subsequent purchase :whistling:

I wasn't charged postage for this. Didn't realise about the subsequent purchases (only need to buy 1 book within 6 months) but due to their prices I've bought loads from them anyway so it shouldn't be a problem to buy one more book within 6 months. :thumbsup:

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