Ricky Hatton - A Life Story DVD £4.43 @ Asda
Ricky Hatton - A Life Story DVD £4.43 @ Asda

Ricky Hatton - A Life Story DVD £4.43 @ Asda

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The official life story of Britain's favourite Boxer, the undefeated world champion, Ricky 'The Hit Man' Hatton.

'Ricky Hatton - A Life Story' documents his fascinating rise to the top, from his first ever amateur fights through to his latest World Title defence in Las Vegas.

As one of Britain's most popular sporting heroes, The Hitman, who recently received an MBE, is unbeaten in 43 professional fights, a champion in two weight divisions and is commonly perceived as one of the all time greatest boxers Britain has ever produced.

With exclusive previously unseen home footage of Ricky as a child, his early days kickboxing, amateur competition fights and then in the ring as a World Champion, the film gives a complete picture of his journey to the top as told by the 'Hit Man' himself.

And in a 'world's first', using new camera technology, the film gets in the ring with Ricky and gives its audience a view of just what it's like to be hit by 'The Hitman'!

Footage from all his important bouts is included here along with commentary from his closest friends, family, trainers, boxers and celebrity fans, which gives additional insight into what makes this peoples champion so respected both in and out of the ring.

The film contains exclusive interviews from Wayne Rooney, Chris Eubank, Noel Gallagher, Freddie Flintoff, Brian Robson, Amir Khan, Vernon Kaye, John O'Shea, Colleen McGloughlin, Will Mellor, Micky Cantwell, Wayne McCulloch, Richie Woodall and Michael 'Let's Get Ready To Rumble' Buffer.

Viewers also get the exclusive, official inside story on Ricky's build up to his most recent fight in Las Vegas against Jose Luis Castillo. The whole fight is also included plus exclusive access to his triumphant after-fight party.


Anything mentioned in the DVD about his relationship with the media?

Or about his coke sniffing?

Original Poster

No, honest drug and drink free lad. Great price

Original Poster

Good price, I need a DVD case to chop my lines up on.


Or about his coke sniffing?

or about his bicycle seat sniffing?

thats a snorting price

The film contains exclusive interviews from Wayne Rooney

wow just gets more appealing by the minute

Aint our best sportsmen great - coke sniffing, prostitute pounding role models.

lol very tempted but got some paint too watch dry


wow just gets more appealing by the minute

Chapter one: I was a boxer I then retired and became a fat cocaine addict.


Not much for your £4.43 and remember when you by this DVD you are only fueling the mans habbit!


just like many more before him, has the world at his feet and throws it all away!

I was going to put a sarcastic response here in
view of today's revelations but you've all beat
me to it. Well done, you lot.

i wonder what sports star will be in next weeks NEWS OF THE WORLD. the paper is so evil.


He's retired, he's a millionaire. Let him have a blow out if he wants. Ricky was a boxing sensation, and its hard for me as a scouser to show any respect to a manc but Ricky was great.

Kinnock was right to kick him and his Militant buddies out of Liverpool

Kinnock was right to kick him and his Militant buddies out of Liverpool

Well, it made me laugh, thanks! (_;)
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