Ride in Dalek from Firebox £139.99

Ride in Dalek from Firebox £139.99

Found 26th Nov 2011
No.. No... NO!! It’s the Doctor’s worst nightmare- little kiddiwinks being taken over by Daleks. But hang on a minute... it’s the other way around. The kids are taking control of Daleks? You bet your Tardis they are!

Now your little ones can jump in the driving seat of the Whoniverse’s best-loved bad guys with the Ride In Dalek. Standing a full 128cm high, the patented inflatable structure and high density plastic base are built for all the tough knocks a young sci-fi fan could throw at it.

The integrated electric motor allows for full 360 degree movement, with very simple controls. What’s more, from the illuminated cockpit the driver also has access to 10 different sound effects and Dalek phrases, and can even move the manipulator and exterior arms.

When the daily exterminations are complete and your young driver has gone upstairs to regenerate, the whole unit breaks up into three manageable pieces for easy storage and recharging.


was 200 just a few months ago

Wowwwwwww! I would have killed for one of these 45 years ago.

My daughter rode in this in John Lewis today. Was £129.95 there but way overpriced I thought as it's mainly inflatable!
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