Ride the Selfridges Santa Express through a Magical toyshop to see Santa and get a gift-  tickets-£2 per adult/child 22 Nov -24 Dec

Ride the Selfridges Santa Express through a Magical toyshop to see Santa and get a gift- tickets-£2 per adult/child 22 Nov -24 Dec

Found 22nd Oct 2008
£2 per adult /child,includes a train ride on Santas Express through a magical toy workshop, where youll meet with Santa, get a gift (suitable for all ages it says in the FAQ) and have your picture taken if you wish (Cost £10 extra for the photo, but you don't have to buy it). Whole experience approx 15 mins. Proceeds from tickets go to the Make A wish foundation. Sold out very quickly last year. Picture is of last years Santa express enchanted forest, but this year it is a toy shop scene the train does laps around.

Have copied FAQ from website on next post.
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Santa’s Express FAQ’s

Question: How long before my allotted time should I arrive?
Answer: We ask that you arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your allotted time for health and safety reasons.

Question: What is the theme of the grotto this year?
Answer: Ride The Santa Express through his toy workshop and meet the big man himself!

Question: What will the grotto visit consist of?
Answer: A train ride on Santa’s Express through a magical toy workshop, where you’ll meet with Santa and have your picture taken if you wish.

Question: Will Santa giveaway a present?
Answer: Yes, all children will receive a present from Santa.

Question: Is the present suitable for all ages?
Answer: Yes

Question: How long will I have to queue?
Answer: Our aim is for our customers to wait no more than 30 minutes during peak periods, however do book in advance. If you simply turn up on the day you may be given ticket for a time many hours later or not at all on exceptionally busy days

Question: How long will the visit with Santa last?
Answer: The overall experience will last approximately 15 minutes and your visit with Santa is expected to last between 3 and 5 minutes.

Question: How many children can see Santa at once?
Answer: We allow 2 children to see Santa at any one time. If you have more than 3 children they will still be allowed in together but they will be allocated more time with Santa. The number of children and the length of time large groups can spend in a cabin will be at the elves’ discretion.

Question: Will my child have a one to one visit or a group visit?
Answer: Your visit will be a one to one visit, only shared with those within your booking.

Question: How many adults can accompany my child?
Answer: There is a limit of 3 adults per child.

Question: Is there disabled access to the grotto?
Answer: Yes – click through to disabled access page.

Question: Will Santa be made aware of my child’s disabilities and act accordingly if necessary?
Answer: Yes, if you indicate when booking that a member of your party has special needs, one of our representatives will contact you to get further details. We will then notify the grotto Supervisor who will make the appropriate provisions.

Question: Have all staff be CRB checked?
Answer: Yes

Question: Will a photo be taken of my child’s visit?
Answer: Yes, the elves will take a picture of the visit inside Santa’s Grotto which you can approve on a monitor before you leave. They will endeavour to capture a good image but due to time constraints there is a limit of 3 attempts per group.

Question: Are these photos available for purchase? Is so how much do they cost?
Answer: Yes. £10 for one photograph, £18.00 for two and £24 for three.

Question: Will these photos be stored or deleted?
Answer: The photos will be securely stored until after the grotto has closed at the end of the season

Question: Am I able to re-order my photo after the event?
Answer: Yes. Please put this order in an email to tania@melbryevents.co.uk along with the photo id number, the package you wish to order, your name, contact number and address. We will then contact you to take payment. There will be delivery charge on all orders.
Anyone gone to the Selfridges Santa Grotto before? Is it worth taking the kids? In London 19th/20th and might give it a go. Thanks.
Yes, I took my six-year old to Selfridges Santa Grotto last year and she loved it. As an experienced Grotto visitor it is one of the best and definitely worth the £2 it costs. If you can suspend criticism of some aspects and see it through the eyes of a child you will really enjoy it!
Actually I do recall that the main negative was that there was a lot of waiting involved even though we had tickets - both in the queue itself and in waiting for the train.
Still, I've booked to go again!
Cool i've just booked tickets for my son, did it for the same day as we're going to the Harrods one. Save on all those London trips.

Heat added
is it no on at trafford center/manchester as we carnt get to london
I took my boys last year (they were 6 and 3) and it was so magical. So much care was taken to make sure the children were in awe. They kept asking me how Santa knew their names. It really stumped them. Just beautiful.
Just London apparently - would of gone to Birmingham store. never mind - thanks for posting anyway!!
Thanks for the feedback on previous visits, can see me booking up for my 3!
anyone any idea what pressies the kids get please?
Great, thanks for sharing. Just booked us for the 23/12/08, the kids (and I ) will love it !! :thumbsup:
Great - thanks!
Booked for 21st Dec!
Kids will be over the moon...cheers OP
It has to be better than Harrods

anyone any idea what pressies the kids get please?

A piece of asbestos.

A piece of asbestos.

Or a lump of coal???

Or a lump of coal???

I doubt they would give out fuel, it's too expensive. They have loads of spare asbestos though.
It looks like adults have to pay £2 as well. Can someone confirm this please just in case I am reading it wrong. I don't mind paying as it is going to charity. I just want to be sure first.
I've just booked it and yes, adults also have to pay £2.
I'm having trouble with the site, i'm doing everything very quick but it keeps comeing back with:

t cannot be displayed because:

- you did not enter any ticket numbers, times or dates;

- the page contained data which has now expired;

- you have navigated with the BACK button and the information on the page your were heading for has now expired. ;


- we have moved the page;

- you have navigated here through a bookmark and this page requires data from a previous step in the application.

If you are seeking an invoice please log into your account and access your accounting section.
site worked fine for me, delete cookies and retry?

Thanks heat added :thumbsup:
I took my son last year or year before and he got a tiny brio character which was magnetic (now stuck to fridge) not really suitable for my under 3 in my opinion.

site is taking me through the entire booking process and then giving me an error page message and taking me back to the beginning ! hmmmmmm
Re: What do the children get from Santa - last year my six-year old daughter got a copy of 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs. She loved it. And of course we had to buy our photo of her with Santa!
Thanks just booked for 20th Dec. Went to Harrods last year and it was the worst santa visit, so hopefully this will be better. It certainly looks better.:thumbsup:

Thanks just booked for 20th Dec. Went to Harrods last year and it was … Thanks just booked for 20th Dec. Went to Harrods last year and it was the worst santa visit, so hopefully this will be better. It certainly looks better.:thumbsup:

What did you not like about the Harrods visit last year loujacksam? We went as well. I was a bit disappointed that even though we had booked a 'time slot' we still had to queue for ages. They had tried to make the queuing fun with the pictures and lots of things to look at but I found it quite hard going being heavily pregnant with two small children in tow as well! But the kids really enjoyed their visit with a real santa and the activity book was a nice gift considering it was free. We still bought a photo though which was £10 I think so not altogether a free visit! We were still planning to do it again this year but maybe should do the Selfridges visit instead.
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