Ride To Hell (PS3) (New) £2 @ Tesco Direct

Ride To Hell (PS3) (New) £2 @ Tesco Direct

Found 5th Dec 2014
Travel back to western America in the 1960s - a lawless environment where there was trouble on every road, in every town and in every bar. Relive that golden age in Ride to Hell on the PS3 as you immerse yourself in the world of hard-drinking, bare-knuckle-fighting biker culture. You play ex-soldier Jake Conway as he battles the infamous and brutal Devil's Hand biker gang on a mission for personal revenge. Armed with a powerful arsenal of weapons, explore the vast gaming world but be ready to jump into a melee or some hand-to-hand combat at the drop of a helmet.

First deal ever! I know there won't be much interest in this but thought I'd break the deadlock and post just to get the hang of things as sharing is caring (:


what retailer mate?

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Ah knew I'd missed something, Tesco!

As stated first deal ever would like to contribute now as I've been using here for a while and would like to give something back, as said won't be much interest in this just getting the hang of things, thanks for the input (:

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£2 delivered!

Sorry for the mistakes

This game is hilariously bad, so if you're looking for a good laugh i highly suggest this, can't go wrong for £2

nice find op, heat added

£2 for one of the worst game ever made....hmm

It's definitely worth this imo, spent £6 on it and didn't regret it at all! This game is so bad it's good imo.

Ok, after reading Black_Blood & tigerman10's comments I couldn't resist...

This better be as bad as people are saying or I'm going to be very disappointed or very happy, it's confusing...

a good troll gift ^^
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