Ridge Men's Mountain Bike £85 at Halfords

Ridge Men's Mountain Bike £85 at Halfords

Found 26th Dec 2016
The Ridge MTB is the perfect choice for those who are looking for something for occasional leisure rides. It comes complete with 6 gears to help you up tough inclines, and reliable V-brakes can always be depended on to help you come to a stop . A savvy choice for those new to mountain biking, the Ridge MTB is a dependable ride.

Frame: Reliable steel frame
Forks: Efficient steel forks
Gears: 6 gears to assist on those testing inclines
Brakes: V-brakes for controlled and confident braking
Wheels: 26" Wanda wheels

Ridge Men's Mountain Bike Extra Info

FREE Local Store build
FREE 6-week first service
Pre-Delivery inspection + 22 point safety check
OR get it delivered boxed for self-assembly
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Even at 85 quid this is next to useless for almost anything, 6 gears an v brakes its a joke
Better than walking I guess, for as long as it lasts. The 6 speed wouldn't put me off as nobody uses all the gears on a cheapo bike around town. v brakes at this price are probably a better bet than cheapo discs.
It would have been nice if the wheel rims at least were alloy, but they`re steel
Just bought one last night to save me driving 2miles a day to work and back. It may only have 6 gears, but does the job! For someone on a budget, or like me who can't justify buying an expensive bike, this does the trick!
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