Ridge Racer 7 (Platinum) - PS3 (New) - £4.99 @ Game
Ridge Racer 7 (Platinum) - PS3 (New) - £4.99 @ Game

Ridge Racer 7 (Platinum) - PS3 (New) - £4.99 @ Game

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I know this is a fairly old game but it has a metacritic average score of 78 and the next cheapest price is currently £10.99 at Coolshop.co.uk so it seems like a bargain for racing game fans.


Worst racing game I have ever played.

I'm a big fan of Ridge Racer and this is no let down.

I loved this demo when I first got my PS3 way back. Might get this as £5 ain't much

I love Ridge Racer and this one is well worth a fiver.

Out of Stock online. Is this also in-store?

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Zuulan - Aug 06, 2010 20:57Out of Stock online. Is this also in-store?

Don't know if it's instore or not mate, just saw it online earlier on.

OOS so expired.


Worst racing game I have ever played.


Worst racing game ever created.
Worth about 20p i guess.

One of the best racers ever made



+1Worst racing game ever created.Worth about 20p i guess.

agreed, not sure how you can find this fun


Sorry, out of stock

I think a lot of people who slate this game don't understand that the Ridge Racer series is an Arcade game and not meant to be realistic.

I've loved them since Ridge Racer on the original PS. If your type of racing game is Forza or Gran Turismo then this game probably wont be for you.
However if you like fun racing games then this is pretty good for £5

It received the IGN Award for Best PlayStation 3 Racing Game of 2006

Got it for 2.99 from GS pre-owned, it's an alright arcade racer, not as good as the older RR's though IMO.

dont have this, but got RR6 on the 360 (which is basically the same game for all intents and purposes) and to call it the worst racing game you've ever played shows that either you have no soul, or you've not played many racing games!

i got this years ago, it was dire.

also no trophies, so whats the point?

I remember games before trophies and achievements so I didnt have to play crap games just to boost my score, I played the games I wanted to.
whats the point of trophies and achievements I say.

Rubbish game, worst I have ever played on the PS3 avoid !!!!!!
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