Ridge Racer 7 PS3 For £25.57 delivered

Ridge Racer 7 PS3 For £25.57 delivered

Found 27th Apr 2007
Available for pre-order from ebuyer. Price includes google checkouts £10 deduction.

Continuing its illustrious history, Ridge Racer 7 returns as a title on the PlayStation 3 platform. Drift around corners at speeds over 160 mph taking the lead as Ridge Racer 7 brings gamers a driving experience unlike any other.

With a new platform comes new territory as RR7 promises to reinvent itself, allowing players to choose from 40 different machines and over 20 courses. With reversed courses, the total grows to 40, most in the series ever! Players can further enjoy the drift racing experience by taking part in the new customization mode, opening up the experience with up to 200,000 customization combinations. With full support of Sonys new network service, Ridge Racer fans have an entirely new world to explore and drift through!


Drift racing at its best: Ridge Racer 7 includes a total of 40 machines and 20 exhilarating courses filled with nitrous filled straight-aways and hairpin turns. With reversed courses, the total grows to 40, most in the series ever!
Customize your ultimate machine: The brand new machine customization mode gives the player the power to make the perfect machine in up to 200,000 different ways. From visual touches to performance related specifications, any racing style can be brought to life for the most hardcore or casual gamer.
Race your way to the top: In the new career mode, build yourself up to become the best Ridge Racer. The player will be tested to the limit, building a career from the ground up in over 160 races.
Online play: In addition to the single player modes, Ridge Racer 7 will be compatible with Sonys new online service for heated races with up to 14 players (tentative). Players will be able to bring their customized machine online to challenge other players to prove who is the ultimate Ridge Racer.


Available for pre-order from ebuyer????

Original Poster

Thats what it says when you try to click the buy button.

Hot anyway.

Think its because it's out of stock!

£32.99 inc VAT. plus delivery as well i guess.
doesn't seem too hot...

oh wait, this google checkout thing. i should read-up on that really... don't know how it works yet.


£32.99 inc VAT. plus delivery as well i guess.doesn't seem too hot...

If that's the case £29.95 from DVD.co.uk is the best price (£29.99 in most of the usual online places)

I've noticed a few eBuyer PS3 game posts elsewhere and tbh, their prices are originally too high for the discount to make it less than you could get it anyway.

MotorStorm seemed the best deal out of the bunch

I have just recieved this item so voted hot.

I did Google checkout and paid £8 for next day delevery. Good deal.
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