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Ridge Racer PS Vita  for £9.85 @ Shopto
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Ridge Racer PS Vita for £9.85 @ Shopto

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261° Expired
Ridge Racer PS Vita for £9.85 @ Shopto
Posted 23rd Jul 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Think this is the cheapest its been

Ridge Racer PS Vita

In Ridge Racer for PlayStation Vita, players will experience the stunning graphics that exploit the full power of Vita alongsode dynamic audio and white-knuckle races against players from all over the world. Then of course there's the unbeatable sheer thrill and satisfaction of conquering a tight corner at hair-raising speed with their new Vita in hand.
Vivid, high-contrast graphics with advanced make full use of the Vita's OLED screen and processor
Dynamic audio that changes and evolves alongside the racing situation
New player-customizable drift system
Race with players anywhere in the world using the console's different network functionalities (3D, Wi-Fi, local network)
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Riiiiiiiiddddddgggggggeeee Raaaaaaaaaccceeerrrrrrrrr
Still too expensive for essentially a demo.
Need all the games to come down in price like this, the prices are ridiculous atm!
I always said I'll get it when it's £5 because you are forced to purchase the full game after you fire it up from the webstore.
I have heard this game is essentially nothing. It has like four tracks, only a handful of cars and very few game modes, most of which were added in updates... Rushed out much?
I rented this, and even then felt cheated. There's absolutely nothing to it.
yes, this is just a step above a plain demo. A DLC galore, and all in all a joke on the customers.
this said, under the tenner it could just do
I don't usually comment, but I felt the need to warn potential buyers that this is a ripoff, at any price!
I bought this on launch day thinking it was a good deal as it was half the price of all other Vita games. Little did I know that there are literally just two tracks available in the game.

Any given demo from PSN will offer more gameplay than this! Personally, I find it to be an insult to my intelligence that Sony think they can sell me what is essentially a demo.
Is there a New PSP console out? I haven't seen any adverts?
Thank christ this game flopped - no more shall publishers flog a demo at a more or less full price and expect gamers to be happy with it. The 'demo' on the Store (what is it? An interactive feature?) was dissapointing for me, this would be too.

Is there a New PSP console out? I haven't seen any adverts?

The PSP-E1000 was released on 20 July 2012 in Ice White, to complement the existing Charcoal Black model.

The PlayStation Vita console is also being released in Crystal White on 31 October 2012 (to coincide with the release of "Assassin's Creed Liberation")


i wont even rent this dreck for free - 10 quid for 10% of a game? no thanks.
Why do people keep saying this is a demo? I remember the first rr for the psp was only 3 tracks and a couple of cars and I loved it. Plus you get a code to get a couple more tracks for free and some cars anyway. Hot
I LOVE the Ridge Racer games and this one is a bit of a con.

The amount of content really isn't a million miles away from being a demo but yes there is a code for a few extras.

They should have just released it at £19.99 with extra content up front (like the Ultimate Edition on the PlayStation store).

However, under £10 for a physical copy (and accepting up front that you'll definitely need to spend a bit more on DLC), it's not bad.

The Sega Daytona Hornet is pretty cool.
Should be ok if u definitely get the code because it apparently about doubles the content?
I would urge everyone not to buy it at any price, let them know gamers will not put up with this pricing model
See on the PSN store there is a silver and gold pack of courses/cars.Can anyone confirm if u get either of those with this purchase?

See on the PSN store there is a silver and gold pack of courses/cars.Can … See on the PSN store there is a silver and gold pack of courses/cars.Can anyone confirm if u get either of those with this purchase?


This "Deal" is for the item on the left of the three elements to the "Ultimate Edition".

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RIDGE RACER – Ultimate Edition
Download the RIDGE RACER Ultimate Edition featuring the full game, the Gold Pass and the Silver Pass (also available separately). For an amazing price, this special bundle will give you access to the full game, 8 add-on machines, 6 add-on courses, 4 new songs and 2 medley songs.

Price: £19.99,€24.99,AU$32.95
Availability: All
File Size: 785MB


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