RiDisc 2.4x Double Layer DVD R DL (Pack of 25)  - £9.99  + Delivery

RiDisc 2.4x Double Layer DVD R DL (Pack of 25) - £9.99 + Delivery

Found 17th Oct 2008
These double layer discs have a purple/silver top surface with the familiar RiDisc branding at the top of the disc and a 4-lined area in the bottom right corner to display the disc contents.

In common with other double layer discs, these discs have a data capacity of 8.5GB which equates to 240 minutes of video in standard play mode meaning you can fit even more of your favourite memories and yet still be assured that they are secure and protected.

Packaging: Spindle tubs of 25 discs

I haven't personally used these, but I am very picky about DL Media anyway, at this price though they could be worth a go, especially if you can order some other stuff from SVP at the same time and the reviews on the site don't seem too bad.

I'm not sure how much the delivery will be but the last time I ordered discs from SVP it was around the £2.49 mark.



I use these for the xbox 360, and they are pretty good. I only recently ordered some at a higher price than this, so will order some more.


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Yeah I'm not too sure how well they would perform, especially 3 months after you have burned them and 360 discs will be especially sensitive because of the custom LB which is why Aone's can be problematic sometimes.

If these are even half as good as Verbs are though then they're probably worth the price.

What concerns me is that there are some very bad customer reviews of these discs on the SVP site.

band, do you ever have unreadable disk error from these on the 360? the current disks i use often give me that error message.

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What's your current burner/brand ?
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