Ridley Tempo 1010A Frameset 2012 £179 @ Chain reaction!

Ridley Tempo 1010A Frameset 2012 £179 @ Chain reaction!

Found 14th Apr 2013
I've had literally 2 requests to do another deal (chuff knows why) so here we go, strap in!

Those dudes over in Ireland must still be a lil' bit smashed after St. Paddies day as they're giving you the opportunity to go through red lights too with your own roadie frame, for nowt! As long as you give them £179 for that black stuff they all drink.

It's a dead good frame (I think) some daft roadie will proly think otherwise, I don't care though.

Of course, you're gonna need some bits as well, you'll look a bit daft otherwise (yeah more than you do already) you get forks, but you can't use them to eat your fish fingers, I tried.

Quidco and topshatback too!

Will I look cool on this? - as long as you put some wheels on it mate, yeah maybe.
Will my STRAVA times improve? - no
Will my brakes stop dragging? - nah mate, you is just slow.
Will it match my white BMW/Audi? - yeah mate, but you'll look a twonk.

Pls do not blame Wiggle, even if they're southerners.
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cheers had every other part for a bike just needed the frame
Roadies ? Look daft?

From a BMX rider!

Least I don't look like I just nicked my little brothers bike!:p

BMXs rule OK! Ok? Ok.
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