Riemann P20 200ml £14.99 delivered - Amazon

Riemann P20 200ml £14.99 delivered - Amazon

Found 5th Jan 2010
We are going for some winter sun in a few weeks so I was shopping around for some of this stuff, we used it as kids and a couple we met last year swore by it. You only need to put it on once in the morning and it lasts all day, no need to keep rubbing in lotion all day.

Anyway this is a really good price, or so I think!



some of the reviews of this are shocking!
someone said its banned in Australia!


some of the reviews of this are shocking!someone said its banned in … some of the reviews of this are shocking!someone said its banned in Australia!

Eeeshk! That doesn't sound too promising! Why has it been banned?

This is a good price. I have used this on all 4 of my children and as long as you apply it as directed (as in a good layer 30 mins before exposure to the sun) it works really well. I have used this in the UK, France, Florida (40degrees) and Mauritius (Competition prize win from Daily Mail!!) and none of us have burnt. The children get a bit of a tan with it and also the waterproof bit works really well. This is the only sun protection that doesn't give them a *****ly heat rash and nor does it excerbate their excema. It can stain light clothes if not dry when they get dressed. We have a good routine in the summer and on hols where I cover them all (liberally) in P20 and they put their trunks/swimsuits on and when dry they put on a tshirt/shorts etc but we do spend all day frequently in the sun either on the beach/poolside.
However - I still use common sense when out in the sun and we have periods of time in the shade, we aim to avoid the midday sun and I also use UV tops for all the children - these are on and off during the day. They all wear hats and I am constantly offering fluids.
I think that as long as you are not totally reliant on any one method of protection and use common sense with use of shade, hats, fluids etc then everyone can stay safe and enjoy the sun. There are times when I think we all become scared of all the 'research' out there that everything is harmful....
I have recommended P20 to all my friends and I will continue to use until I find a good enough reason not to!
Oh yes and Boots do sell it.
I would also like to see the Aussie info about the banning of it as tried to google and not much info out there!

HI, i have used it and its great however a bit over priced compared to CALYPSO which you can buy for a fraction of the cost from home bargains,etc and the ingrediants look the same

Thanks, I always use Ultrasun as although it is expensive, it works on fair skin.
I'll give P20 and/or Calypso a try in the second week of my next holiday.

I can vouch for P20. I have very fair skin and burn all time on holiday. However went to majorca in August and used P20 for 2 weeks and didnt burn at all and even came back with golden tan. Also used to get *****ly heat but again this was eliminated using P20. Hasnt the best UVA/UVB 3 stars i think. However you must let it fully dry before dressing and then shouldnt have any problems with P20.
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