RIGS: Mechanised Combat League VR (PS4/PSVR) - £22.85 @ Shopto

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League VR (PS4/PSVR) - £22.85 @ Shopto

Found 8th Mar 2017
Obviously not as cheap as the limited £15 Tesco clearance I posted a few months back. Cheapest it's been since all the VR games dropped to £25 in December/January.

Still doesn't come with a sick bag.
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I couldn't work out what was going on with this one...
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Alternatively if you don't mind preowned, Grainger games £14.99 and CEX £15. Trade in at Game is £16.20 cash or £18 trade in. If you bought 2 copies and traded in against a new release, Game give you an extra £5 credit. Potential £41 credit for £30 spend.
Very popular but I really didn't like it. Is it a sports game or a shooter? Either way it's vomit central. Some people love it though.
The only VR game to actually make me feel ill, the motion just made me want to fall over.. but it is popular VR game and suppose dot be very good.
Thanks for the £15 deal... I got a copy back then but I haven't played it yet oO
I must give it a go this weekend!

Edit: gave it a go... Wish I hadn't
In the bottom, it says "you'll need these", showing a picture of the headset and the camera... It's missing these:
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