Rindless Back Bacon-1x2kg 5.99 at JJfoods

Rindless Back Bacon-1x2kg 5.99 at JJfoods

Found 18th Dec 2012
Never thought of posting wholesale deals before, as i use these guys about once a week. Minimum delivery is 100, but no problems if you pick up.

Ordered about 20 packs to come to my sandwich shop on Thursday so that various local people from Facebook can share on the deal.
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I`ll never get how people vote on here. This stuff is usually 8.49-8.99. Its better quality than you can get at tesco and its really thick. You get about 42 rashers in a pack and I go through about 2 packs a day. Customers seem to like it.
mmmmm bacon.
It's a good price booker basics has gone up to £6.99 for 2kg. I use about 2 packs of the 2.25kg one a day in my sandwich shop but use a local wholesaler who deliver all my sandwich fillers too.
I can get it £4.50 for a 5lb (2.25kg) pack from any of half a dozen local butchers shops all of which offer further discounts for wholesale purchases.
You can buy it online for £5 per 5lb pack from Rosspa if you need it delivered.
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