Ring 2 Video Doorbell £140 direct from Ring

Ring 2 Video Doorbell £140 direct from Ring

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Found 23rd Nov 2017
£40 more expensive than the first version but it has a better resolution and rechargeable battery. Unfortunately you have to pay extra for cloud storage of your videos but worth it for some.

My mum wants something because she is not happy opening the door at night without knowing who it is so thought it was a good Christmas present for her. Hope it helps someone.

To get this price use code 3UKRING50 which takes off £40 at checkout. Free delivery too.
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Riot12 m ago

Can't see anywhere to enter a discount code

It's on the shipping info screen (step 3).
Thanks skgwho. The first version has a rechargeable battery and it is the Pro that has to be hardwired. I must admit the resolution is a bit naff on the first version, which I have, so I am tempted....... if it's a straight swap, using the same bracket .... damn, I shouldn't check, I can't afford it *damn, it comes with an adaptor plate, must stay strong...
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Does this come with the chime? Amazon £160 inc chime.
antony197156 m ago

Does this come with the chime? Amazon £160 inc chime.

Ao are doing the package for 165 which is a better deal if you want the chime pro but regular chime is 21£.

Think Amazon is OOS and was 165£
Bought it from Argos, £169 for both. Cba for a £5 ordering online, got to say it’s a fab product.
This works on all the products not just the ring2.
Just FYi this code works on Ring Pro too making it £189
Also practically anything else on their site. £159 for the spotlight cam for example
heat added.
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Thanks OP, just ordered Ring 2
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