Ring 265 Powerpack/Inverter/Jump Starter - £131.74 @ Screwfix

Ring 265 Powerpack/Inverter/Jump Starter - £131.74 @ Screwfix

Found 13th Jan
Cheapest place I've found for this. The next cheapest is Halfords at £135 but anywhere else it's selling for around the £160 mark.

It allows you to jump start your vehicle, charge devices, or use it as a work lightbut the main selling point for me is the 300W inverter allowing you to use mains devices (as long as they draw 300 Watts or less) when away from home.
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Be careful with these, this will not jump a flat battery, like a lot of jump starters at this budget they require some power in the battery. At this budget you cannot beat the Clarke 4000
OR.... small car battery, lidl smart charger, pair of decent jump leads...... 300w invertor if you really need it (won't run much and will drain the battery very quickly), not as portable but works better, though if you're riding round with this in the boot because your battery goes flat, you're an idiot
I always carry a spare battery , cheaper and more efficient
I wouldn't buy it to use as a jump starter. It's only useful to me as an inverter and power pack (e.g. to run a coolbox off in the boot of the car on the way to a camping trip)
If it's £135 in Halfords, you can easily get it for £125*0.92+10=£125
zeek.me/gb/…rds (£6.30 TCB for new customers)
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