Ring Door View Camera 1080p £134 at Toolstation

Ring Door View Camera 1080p £134 at Toolstation

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Posted 1st Oct
I’ve picked up my order today from Toolstation for the recently released Ring Door View camera/door bell. I’ve been watching this fluctuate in price for a while and the current price every else (Amazon/Curry’s/Argos/Ring etc) is £139.00 which is down from the £179.00 RRP. Toolstation have been offering it for a few days at £134 for next day store pickup or delivery. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it without any other voucher codes or cash back being applied.

They also have the extra battery in stock for £19.98 which matches Curry’s, but they never seem to have stock, and beats Amazon.

This is Ring’s new door bell which differs from the others in that it can be installed pretty much without tools or adhesive as it fits through your existing peep hole if you have one. The battery and gubbins are on the inside of your door so there’s less to steal and as the battery is inside your warm house it should last a little longer. It also helps the connection to your router as it doesn’t have to pass through your door or wall.

Lastly, this features a shock sensor so if someone knocks on your door instead of ringing then you still get an alert.

This door bell is intended for people who rent and can’t go making holes everywhere, but it’s an ideal solution for me as my existing bell is a battery one and there is no clean and effective way of getting power to a wired bell.
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Also check Costco I think there's comes with an additional battery for £139 all in.
ju1cee101/10/2019 18:10

Also check Costco I think there's comes with an additional battery for …Also check Costco I think there's comes with an additional battery for £139 all in.

Indeed they do if you have a membership.
Like this one better, I think there is a big advantage to have it indoors, as definitely will help with the signal and will be easier to charge the battery.
I still believe all Ring smart bells are still way too pricey. Also, probably better deal at Costco, £5 more for an extra battery.
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No good when you have a porch and two sets of double glazed doors
Ordered. I know the Costco offer is better but I don't have a Costco account so this will have to do!
I installed mine over the weekend and already really impressed with it, even more so than I expected. It connects to all of my Echo Dots around the house to announce both people at my door and also motion detection too as they approach. That gives me a few extra seconds to grab the dog before she goes flying off towards the door! It also does all the things I bought it for. It alerts me when I'm out and about and also, critically, when I'm out in the back garden or in the gym at the end of our garden which is 60m away from the front door. It also alerts me if someone knocks on the door instead of rings the bell via the shock sensor. Alerts go to both mine and the wife's iPhones/iPads/watches as well as the Echos. Very happy with it.

Really easy to install too, even with me needing to install a peep hole. Once through with a 3.5mm bit as a guide and then attack both sides of the door with a 12mm spade bit.
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