Ring Powerring E:Can Plus - 150w - RINVC150 - £7.50 instore @ Sainsburys
Ring Powerring E:Can Plus - 150w - RINVC150 - £7.50 instore @ Sainsburys

Ring Powerring E:Can Plus - 150w - RINVC150 - £7.50 instore @ Sainsburys

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Ring Powerring E:Can Plus Power Inverter (RINVC150)

Instore at Sainsburys for £7.50.

I know this was posted a month ago, but has since expired.

It seems Sainsburys have got more of these in stock.

£7.50 from £29.99 !! (£24 @ Tesco - http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.201-4442.aspx)

It is the 150w version, and includes a usb charging socket.


by god their web sites rubbish to navigate to anything?:x

Cheap for this.....
But be warned, this inverter is noisy as hell, the fan runs constantly.

2 loud 4 mi ears

I tell you where this little products is a real gem, if you buy one of those inflatable pump things from argos/aldi for a fiver and then go to the beach you can use this inverter to blow up the kids boat, not that we have had much good weather this year, with the USB socket you can charge your mobile or even run a laptop.kids dvd player in the car or caravan. Might even get one for the kids to power their ipod's when they are in the car. Got my hot vote at that price :thumbsup:

What is this?


What is this?

I think it's something that plugs in the deathstick socket of your car and turns 12v dc into 240 ac or the other way round lol.

It seems ok, heat added :-) xx

I gave up trying to find it. What a rubbish website they have!

Ring Powerring E:Can Plus - 150w - RINVC150 - £7.50 [COLOR="Red"]instore[/COLOR] @ Sainsburys

just one question. What the hell does it do?


just one question. What the hell does it do?

Its an inverter. This device converts 12V DC power into 230V AC power when it is plugged into your cigarette lighter socket.
Any high power electrical items, like portable TVs etc, you plug in though, will drain your battery flat in about 30 minutes. They really are only good for low power items like phone chargers, 7" DVD players, stuff that only uses a few watts etc. In fact most stuff that usually has a 12V lead anyway.
They are handy for motorhomes that tend to have 12V leisure batterys, which are designed to be used for running appliances. Car starter batteries are not designed to be discharged in this way.

The price for this thing seems OK, but what is the point of it if you are looking to charge your phone, power a portable DVD player, or pump up a kids play boat....!?! - most of these things people buy already have a 12v plug to fit a car power socket anyway !!!

Ok there are always exceptions, but I think it falls into the realm of 'get it if you need-it' rather than 'just-in-case'

(IMHO anyway)

you sure this isnt a mis-price for your local store as ive just been into mine which has a few on the shelf but are priced at £29.99 but to make sure i asked for it to be scanned & it still came out at £29.99 :x

& the sainsbury's website is bloody useless, i cant navagate round it easily let alone find it on there :x

I took one to the till this morning - marked up at £15 and scanned at £15.

hmmm bizzare, ive tried 2 local stores & both @ £29.99 :x

oh well :santa:

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