Ring, The (collector's edition) (dvd) only £2.99 delivered @ ChoicesUK!
Ring, The (collector's edition) (dvd) only £2.99 delivered @ ChoicesUK!

Ring, The (collector's edition) (dvd) only £2.99 delivered @ ChoicesUK!

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Remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film. The Ring is a tense, spine chilling horror film. A group of teenagers are found dead within a week of watching a mysterious videotape. Their bodies are found gruesomely contorted, their eyes frozen as if they had seen something more terrifying than any physical threat... Includes extra bonus features.


Get the original instead, hot deal never the less

Shouldn't this really be watched on a battered old VHS tape ;-)

(and the Japanese version is much creepier)

EDIT: The Japanese version is more expensive - £5.49 at] HMV

Same here Original scared the shhhhhhiiiitttttttt outta me. Yank one, zzzz

Great deal tho.

Ok, I saw the remake first, so might have been tainted by it first, but I found the remake's plot more engaging to my "western" mind - e.g. detective work, as opposed to the "deus ex machina" of psychic powers in the original.

Both great films mind, and total respect to the original (and all originals) but in this rare case, I think it's the remake I'm more interested in seeing again. Esp. at this hot price !

Saw the American remake first, then I saw the original version. Preferred the remake, more intriguing, eerie cinematography and it psychologically scared the **** out of me.

Nah the remake is **** compared to the original, feels very ham acting and more centred on special effects than suspense, and yeah the original creeped me a bit too, dark camerawork not much sound effects.
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