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2 pack wired AC ring security £279
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Ring.com is doing an offer where you get 30% off a purchase of 2 ring AC wired camera/spotlight. Individual price £199, two for £279 delivered. They are also doing 15% off a 3 pac… Read more
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They are currently £140 indivudually on Amazon Cyber Monday extended.


Also can get 10% of that price if you have a protect plan, show when you get to paying :)


No worries, I’m fairly new myself


Not the floodlight camera. It’s the ring spotlight camera. Mods added the picture, I don’t know how to add a pic yet, first worthwhile contribution.



Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Spotlight for £242.10 GLITCH WORKS WITH PAYPAL @ Ring
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
This is the cheapest you can purchase these as a set at the moment. Usually the Spotlight cam is £199 and the Doorbell 2 is £169. The discount is only supposed to be for people w… Read more

Wait what this is what I ordered:


Where is this from..


Your Doorbell Pro does not have chime ... Return it.




Just got a doorbell pro and echo spot for £149... But yeah.

Ring Doorbell Pro with Chime £134.10 GLITCH NOW WORKS WITH PAYPAL Direct from @ Ring
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Very good price as most have been discounted to £149 so at this price you are getting an even better deal! You can now use PayPal and get the discounted price without paying a mo… Read more

People pay a lot for the honour of watching their own house get robbed.



Nice to get alerted today




Glitch squad incoming. -1000 cold also incoming.

Video Doorbell Pro Direct From Ring UK Delivered With Code £134.10 @ Ring
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Thanks go to ivethedeal for spotting the code. A fiver cheaper than Amazon's price and direct from Jeff's newest acquisition. Must use code to get it at this price. Works wit… Read more

What web browser & version did you use to order?


No - as was still deciding between this and a nest. I just applied the code to the basket and it worked. Assumed if it worked in the basket it would work when it came to taking my money - sorry


Have you actually gone on to buy? Reason I ask is the code works on the first checkout page but when you click on Payment then the error message appears.


Worked for me (with code) just now so not sure why it is expired


Weird, I've just tried it again with 2 in my basket and it's knocked 10% off again! :/ Video Doorbell ProAS PICTURED2£298.00Scroll for more items DiscountDiscount ApplyApply Discount CodeCost summaryDescriptionPriceSubtotal£298.00Discount PROTECTSUBSCRIBER Remove discount- £29.80£29.80 off total order priceShipping—Not yet availableTotalIncluding £44.70 in taxes£268.20 Edit: Ah, apologies, I'd not gone to payment method before but now I have i too get that message. I'll expire the deal. thanks for the heads up. PS Amazon at 139 quid is now the cheapest deal.

Ring 2 Doorbell - Official website - £116.10 with code @ Ring
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Hi, been after one of these for a long time and just been waiting for a good deal. I know BFCM is upcoming, so unable to predict if it'll be cheaper than this but on the official … Read more

The code does not work :-(



Code is still working as of 24/11/18


Code doesn't work


The code doesn't appear to be working anymore.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired - £179 with code @ Ring
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Ring Floodlight Cam Wired - £179 with code @ Ring
£179£19910%Ring Deals
Ring have a deal on for fathers day with 20% off certain items, just checked and the HERTSOWL discount code takes another £20 off each camera. works on the flood light cam taking … Read more

Deals expired now


Showing price at £249 for me. Enter code and goes to £199. How are people getting it for £149 please


HERTSOWL code only gives me £20 off £199 ? how are you getting another £10 pounds off ?


you enter the code to the right of the screen displaying customer information and shipping address , before the shipping information screen .


Sorry, but where does it give the opportunity to enter the code? It doesn't show me on the phone or the computer. Does it show after you have entered all the address and card details? Thanks.

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Ring Wired or Battery Spotlight Camera - £109 (with code) @ Ring
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Ring Wired or Battery Spotlight Camera - £109 (with code) @ Ring
£109£16936%Ring Deals
Brilliant kit. Great quality but buy Floodlight for bigger area.

Probably full of sugar


Now resorting to name calling. Nice one! (lol)


LoL ok u clearly are a idiot. We didn’t need 3 separate posts about a code especially from the same op. Anyway more important things in my life then u so take care


And I assume you're the master deal hunter as you're so quick to criticise others..... Let's look... Oh 2 deals in the past year. Wow thanks for you contribution to the site.


Abuse lol ok. Don’t be so soppy

Ring Video Flood Light Camera inc delivery only £139 @ring.com
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
A brilliant Video Floodlight camera. Very good peice of kit.

Discount (SMN40) £-40.00 Still works making it £159


Do you still have to have the their monthly membership?


Town Mayor here on HUKD, well done mate!


Worked for me.... well kind of ;-) The code above was intended for people who work for (with) the Police in the UK. I contacted the online chat and they confirmed this and told me to place the order at £199 and give them the order number. about 2hrs later I've just received a credit back for £60 so that it cost me £139 for the floodlight :-). thanks to OP! I'm a town Mayor and work with the police. they said it was close enough so approved it. Thought this was worth sharing for anyone on here who is connected with the police and want to get the £60 discount. Cheers, Nick


Is it a good camera quality wise even if the lights aren’t on ?

Ring Video Doorbell V2 - Inc delivery only £89
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
An amazing product. It is not just a door bell. It's an amazing security camera. This is V2. HCSSC

The code is valid but not working on website. After a long conversation with sales team, they placed the order for £149 and then refunded £60. Thanks op.


Sorry! It did work when I did it.


Nah. ‘fraid it different work for me either just the ‘doesn’t meet requirements for the HCSSC discount’ . Looks like I’ll have to be grateful for the £50 discount I go the other day against what was a £179 selling price. Interesting how then RRP appears to have changed on the Ring website to £149 in line with the prices elsewhere.:/


Same problem for me too :(


Would have a great post, however discount no longer available. Thanks for posting anyway OP

Ring floodlight cam £149 del @ ring.com
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Just ordered 2 of these cheapest price ever £149 del use code hertsowl

It’s back! HERTSOWL Takes an additional £20 off the reduced cost! So £149! Go go go!


Yi daytime capture


I used to love ring until there were connection issues I recommend Yi outdoor cams Excellent value and no need for a subscription


They must of changed the discount


Just missed out!

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired/Battery £149 with code HERTSOWL @ Ring
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Followinf from the price drop on the V2 doorbell, the spotlight cam has also been reduced with a further £50 with code HERTSOWL EDIT: NOW £20 OFF Thought it was a good price cons… Read more



This code has worked for a while now - got 2 at £149 each. The battery is pretty good but depends on how sensitive you have it (the app options are different for this that the spotlight cams) it’s on 43% and been up for about 3/4 weeks. The actual light is pretty bright as well.


Was £50 off earlier when posted. Was changed to £20 after


I get the feeling there are some new (cheaper with better Alexa integration?) versions on the horizon now Amazon will be throwing their billions at this business. Finding it hard but I'm holding off for now....


Have they changed it? I used the code too and it only applied a £20 discount taking the price to £149.

Ring Video Doorbell V2 £129 **Now £99.99**  w/code @ Ring
Refreshed 30th MayRefreshed 30th May
Looks best price with discount code HERTSOWL on latest model.Motion Sensors built in, connects to a mobile app and all that good stuff.

Totally agree,the difference in video quality is incredible!!


Just to note I received my doorbell 2 , sent back the old one ;) The ring doorbell 2 dispite people saying they are near enough the same is SOOOO much better in quality and build .


This is the exact message I sent to them, Feel free to use it (y) 🏻 Hi,I’m contacting you with regards to my Ring doorbell camera and an issue that has arisen. A few months ago I purchased the Ring one doorbell. Upon installation of the Ring Doorbell I noticed the quality of picture wasn’t as good as I had hoped given that the box clearly states it has a 1080HD camera. I undertook a bit of research to establish why the display was not as good as I had hoped and during this process discovered that the Ring doorbell camera infact only has the 720P camera and not,as stated on the packaging 1080HD camera!! Obviously this has left me very dissatisfied with my Ring doorbell purchase as I was led to believe by your packaging that it came equipped with a 1080HD camera?! Now I feel I was mis sold the Ring door bell camera with incorrect information which stated as the picture shows that it came with a 1080HD camera when infact it doesn’t. Could you please advise as to how this has happened and how as a customer I have been mislead into buying a product which I believed came with better camera than it actually does,also I’d like to find a solution to this as now I have got the doorbell which I was led to believe came with a 1080HD camera when it actually had a 720hd camera. Many thanks


I contacted them via chat, said they can give me 3months free subscription. I declined then I was offered 6 months free subscription, I said no..not happy about it.


Any advice on the script? I intend to set it up off the wall, sign up to the cloud and then start the chat.

Ring 2 doorbell £139 with code at ring.com
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Use SMN40 code to get £40 off. It works with various products (Ring 2 doorbell, cameras, etc) but only one discount per basket so multiple products have to be paid one by one.

Now £109.99 with this code.


anyone fitted the pro themselves? Can you just fit a mains plug to the transformer and then bell wire to the unit? Thanks


How did you get the pro for £129? Seems to be £189 via their website...


LDJ - How did you manage to get the Pro down to £129? The £50 off code takes it to £189?... please confirm.


Thanks. The HERTSOWL code for £50 still working. Just ordered the pro for £129 :)

Ring video doorbell 2 / £50 discount off ring Cameras with code £129 - Hertfordshire residents only? @ Ring.com
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
*** Discount code: HERTSOWL *** Had email from local neighborhood watch, ring.com are doing £50 discount off video cameras for Hertfordshire residents using the above discount … Read more
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I've just used the code and got £50 off my order and I don't live in Hertfordshire! (y)


Can I just say, I've just used this and the cost is not expired!


Heat added. Best price I've seen on this and I live in Hertfordshire! :D


Would hold out & see what Amazon brings to the table with their recent purchase of Ring before splashing out.


I saved up almost 2 years of paper rounds, washing cars and mowing lawns to get a DX4 100 mate, came with Wing Commander 3. Wiped the floor with your puny DX 66. (lol) (lol) And then came the pentium literally a month later which came on motherboards which were totally incompatible with the RAM, sound card and graphics card that my PC had (was it ISA or something?). The days when you could drop a grand on a PC and it'd be worth £200 in 3 months (lol) But yeah this door bell is vastly overrated. Their support who claims to be your neighbour is ok I guess, they tried to resolve my issues with the quality of the image but eventually started to ignore me. Probably because I told them what I thought of their product and their email blocked me 8)

Ring Chime £7.96 Delivered with code @ ring.com
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Chime for Ring Video doorbells. Use code: 16beasurvivor for £24.99 off
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Any new codes that work for a chime?


Picked up mine and it works great.


Got mine today, all set up and working beautifully!


Just checked my order and it’s says still processing, I ordered in the 3rd too


Mine turned up this morning. Now, just need the doorbell at knock off price. And NO I won't buy from those who bought loads to resell on eBay for £50. Never ever buy from resellers. XD

Ring Doorbell 2 for £129 (with code) - Save £50 on any purchase made from www.ring.com - Code Valid for Herts Residents Only
LocalLocalFound 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Great saving when buying directly from www.ring.com Ring Doorbell 2 not available at 129£ from anywhere! Just add code - HERTSOWL at checkout. (Hertfordshire residents only ;)) H… Read more

Ordered on Fri night dispatched Monday night so no issues here


I do not live in Leicester. I was making a point of that the offer is effectively local apartheid in Herts and thus shameful. Whether others can use the code or not is irrelevant. Promoting it for "white" area locals is a disgrace. if you promoted it as £50 off for all areas and not claimed (as you say falsely) for Herts only, there would be no complaint. There can be no reason to say the offer is for one area of the UK is acceptable, if in the UK all humans are equal. Do you really believe a cash strapped police force will attend when you call and say "My £129 Ring bell has been stolen?" I would say your replacement guarantee is worthless. If the police do not come you cannot follow the T&Cs. Claim on your household insurance - oh there is an excess and the premium will increase - not worth it.


Again, honestly if you would have read the comments earlier....rather than moan and complain you would have bought one! No no one is stopping a Mr Patel from Leicester from buying this with the above code! Grammar school policies have nothing to do with Hotukdeals!, have a go at the Governors of the grammar school. BTW if you are member of a local neighbourhood watch in your area why don’t you ask your representative to discuss this offer with Ring. You might then be able to secure great deals for your community in Leicester!


State the ethnic population of Herts? c80% white. Compare this to Birmingham or Leicester. I would say it is a "white county". A local deal to me in a mainly "white county" is local apartheid.Your neighboring Bucks grammar schools, especially Dr Challeners have a disgraceful address policy of 1.5 years residence to qualify for being in catchment. Local apartheid at its worse. Can people in "Asian" Leicester take up the offer?


I have got to say that your name doesn’t suit your comment. If you would have read comments earlier it’s an offer arranged by the local Neighbourhood Watch people to incentivise people from getting it. BTW Herts is not a ‘white’ area and there is nothing preventing any minority ethnic group from buying a Ring doorbell!! It also appears you have very little knowledge of the Ring doorbell. They are covered for life by the manufacturer as far you obey there rules of installation and report the crime when (and if) it gets stolen!

Ring 2 Video Doorbell £140 direct from Ring
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Ring 2 Video Doorbell £140 direct from Ring
£140£1507%Ring Deals
£40 more expensive than the first version but it has a better resolution and rechargeable battery. Unfortunately you have to pay extra for cloud storage of your videos but worth it… Read more

Thanks OP, just ordered Ring 2 :D


Just FYi this code works on Ring Pro too making it £189 ;) Also practically anything else on their site. £159 for the spotlight cam for example heat added.


This works on all the products not just the ring2.


Bought it from Argos, £169 for both. Cba for a £5 ordering online, got to say it’s a fab product.


Ao are doing the package for 165 which is a better deal if you want the chime pro but regular chime is 21£. Think Amazon is OOS and was 165£

free pen, a key ring and some mints
Found 24th May 2017Found 24th May 2017
free pen, a key ring and some mints
You get a free pen, a key ring and some mints. I signed up and it said It will delivered within 48 hours
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Thank you for your interest in our free sample offer. Unfortunately, due to such high demand we have temporarily paused our free sample offer. This offer is intended for businesses only. If you would like to be notified of any future offers and promotions please subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of the page.


and they stopped giving them away...


except babies, they're made in the vag-china :| I'll leave


sorry press cold by mistake. however thanks for sharing. I don't know how to reverse the voting but it's surely a hot.


Isn't everything these days!!

Free ring video doorbell (worth £159) with 10 uses of your unique code *****Please do not post personal referral codes*****
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
Free ring video doorbell (worth £159) with 10 uses of your unique code *****Please do not post personal referral codes*****
Become a Neighbourhood Explorer to reduce crime in neighbourhoods by telling your neighbours, family and friends about ring.com devices. Get your own unique discount code which is… Read more
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Doesn't it rain in the US?


this thing isn't IP rated and not designed to withstand rain really... good luck using it in the UK. I'd hate to be the person who convinced 10 others to buy one.


Free Ring doorbell worth £159 ...discount code good for £20 ... free with 10 uses of code... 10x£20 = £200? surely 8 codes would be enough? but yeh I agree with the others. chain-letter/pyramid scheme type rubbish. It's like signing up to sky and saying you could max out the £50 refer a friend offers and get sky free, sure it's possible but very very unlikely.


Motion detection Upton 30 ft away


You can answer to door when you aren't in... You can responded to door bell through phone. Meaning unwanted callers don't know if you are in or not. Apparently most burglars ring door bells before they rob you to check you are in.... I'm not even kidding

Ring.com - Video Doorbell & solar security sign.  Would be £198.99 use code for £129
Found 27th Nov 2016Found 27th Nov 2016
Ring.com - Video Doorbell & solar security sign. Would be £198.99 use code for £129
The Ring wirefree video doorbell is a great enhancement for your home. Just bagged mine with a code i found online. Simply add a Satin Nickel ring video doorbell to your shopping… Read more
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you could use it in the back garden mate, that way it doesnt goto waste, and any potential burglars coming from the back of the house will be put off. Have to say that despite all these bitchy comments, my ring doorbell is up, working great the picture quality is superb. money well spent.


You're right! Here in the UK the solar sign is either going to get stolen, laughed at, or the neighbours will think I'm a ponce or they'll get paranoid that they're being recorded too and they'll think it's against the law and bla bla bla.. so I erected the sign and then removed it after 5 minutes of having second thoughts. Love my ring though.


I love my ring. Very useful to see who is coming to the door, when items are delivered / collected, when the TV licence salesman is trying to again sell me something I don't want or need.. Great for fact verification of so many things. Here's an example of where it's useful, and avoiding items being delivered to neighbours: https://sendvid.com/cuhdo402


i have expired the deal seeing as people were just bitching about it rather than just being constructively critical.


It's not £25 a month it's £25 per year!...best gadget I ever bought 8)