Rio Karma 20GB - digital music player was £149.99 now £99.99 Delivered - dont forget your Quidco
Rio Karma 20GB - digital music player was £149.99 now £99.99 Delivered - dont forget your Quidco

Rio Karma 20GB - digital music player was £149.99 now £99.99 Delivered - dont forget your Quidco

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The Karma's many features and small size set a new standard for high-capacity players. Its 20GB drive can carry over 10, 000 songs. Powerful tools include Cross-Fader, 5-Band Parametric Equaliser, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support, and a huge, backlit display capable of visualisations, animated menus, and 16 shades of gray. USB 2.0 provides fast transfers while the included docking station also adds drop-in charging, RCA Line-Out, and an Ethernet port for networking. Simple menus and intuitive controls make it easy to pick up and use. Helpful functions like Auto-synchronisation with Rio Music Manager, Rio DJ, and dynamic playlist generation make the Karma as effortless as you want it to be.

Doing a froogle search the only other one I can find is £189. I do not know if these are good it just seemed to be a good price


Cracking little player, but now outdated. Incredibly hard to find reasonably priced accessories for it.

I flogged mine and bought a Sony NW-HD3 instead, then realised that it was just as hard to get stuff for that. Now I own a 5G iPod and a iPod Nano, which is great for my running with the Nike + sport kit.

Fantastic MP3 player and good price but you are right gazbert they are a little outdated now. However, as far as sound quality goes you still can not get much better than a Rio Karma. The built in Rio DJ is awesome! Shame it's so big and bulky, but still a top bit of kit!

We have one and its first class.

I seen a few weeks back one went for £40 on Ebay and it was broken, so there must be value in the parts.

plays gapless mp3 properly :thumbsup:

Be careful - a lot of owners report that they breakdpwn/poor build quality.

Shame as i m in the market for a 20 GB player

Don't suppose anyone know if it supports embedded cue files?

i have one of these but i cannot really reccomend it, purely based on very poor driver support (no longer supported)
it does however have the best sound i have heard out of a mp3 player.
the hard drive is prone to failure bt can be upgraded to 60g via fleabay
but its the battery that causes the problems after a couple of years.
on the plus side it also doubles up as a 20g storage drive
definate tale of two halves...

Best MP3 player I EVER had ... until the hard drive went on it (sadly this is a common fault hence the reason Rio discontinued them)

Best bit was the autocross fade that meant you could plug it into your stereo system for non-stop music at parties

Tempted to buy another one but can't really justify it

This still looks the part


Thanks for the pointer and feedback all

To answer the opening posters question -- I paid £111 for mine a few years back .... so £90 is fairly reasonable ... If I could get one for £50 then I would buy it again!!!

I've had one for three years, dropped it numerous times without a problem. Bought a reconditioned one from [i think] Misco around a year ago for £150 as I thought my old one was broken, it's still going strong though and the reconditioned is still in its box.

I still think it's the best purely mp3/wma/ogg player on the market - who cares if it doesn't have a colour screen/photo gallery/games option, that's not what I've bought it for.

Admittedly it would have been even better smaller.

If you're after something to jog/work out with then stay away form ANY hard drive player, you need a flash player like the nano that has no moving parts inside.

With regard accessories it really does depend what you want. Aside from a case for it (which a Rio Karma owner manufactured) i've never felt anything was lacking. The docking station allows connection to a stereo system via RCA or ethernet. I have an aux cable on my in-car cd player to play it through there.

For £100 i'd be tempted to buy another one - especially if they're brand new from BT - if I didn't already have the recon one sitting in its box!

Surely for about 100 quid - you would be better off buying an archos gmini xs202s?

Better made - smaller - better looking - better reviews - and still supported by the manufacturer.

Do the xs202's support OGG/FLAC and gapless playback? That's a big selling point for a lot of people and I wish all players had those features.
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