Rio Medium Back Black PU Office Chair 37.99 free delivery @

Rio Medium Back Black PU Office Chair 37.99 free delivery @

Found 20th Jun 2011
This looks like a decent high back office chair, down from £150. Don't worry about carrying it, its delivered for free


I got something similar to this from Ikea, at a FRACTION of this price.

£150 is a laugh

£150 what makes this worth the £150 ????

£37.99 does seem ok but rrp of £150 anyone know more about this chair?

A fraction of the price? Not sure about that, especially without a link, but this type of chair is atypically this sort of money now, give or take a couple of quid - the one I'm sitting in cost £41 with next day delivery ( and it's the most comfortable chair I've ever owned (albeit not as comfortable as it was 18 months ago; having sat in it 8+ hours most days over the past 18 months, the padding is quite worn out, in that the seat of the chair is now quite hard, although I still won't notice til quite late in the day.

Having said that, one of my colleagues purchased the same chair and ended up breaking two of them (but he's at least 6 stone heavier than me) so if you're in any way overweight, you might want to consider something a little less cheap..

This is Temporarily out of stock. Plus I'm sure the original £150 price tag was only there so when it gets reduced it looks like your getting a great deal.
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