Rip-off Kinder Eggs 3 for £1.29 instore @Lidl

Rip-off Kinder Eggs 3 for £1.29 instore @Lidl

LocalFound 9th Oct 2017
My son absolutely loves Kinder Eggs, but I resent being stung for 80p or 90p every time we go to a shop. I spotted the Lidl equivalent for £1.29 for three (so 43p each). I've only opened one so far, and I was impressed.

The chocolate tastes like normal chocolate rather than the kinder chocolate, and is half white and half brown (rather than brown on the outside and white in the inside). The toy appeared a bit cheaper than a kinder egg, but as kids only play with them for five minutes anyway, its not a real problem.

Importantly my son didn't notice the difference (though was a tad miffed that I tried a bit of the cholocolate).
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Good price, watch out for the £90 parking charge scam via Athena if you forget to give them your registration.
Kinder egg 3 packs are 2 for £3 at the moment in Tesco, I’d never pay full price.
Toys are a bit naff
2 for a quid in morrisons, its a seemingly permanant deal on the sweets
2 for a pound in Poundland at the moment (real ones)
The toys are junk and the chocolate does not taste nice. If they where a quid for 3 maybe but at £1.29 you may as well pay a few more pence for the real thing.
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