ripcoil free with any purchase on oculus store

ripcoil free with any purchase on oculus store

Found 6th Dec 2016
buy anything (free stuff does not count) from the oculus store and get the game Ripcoil - rrp £7.99 for free.

stuff on the store starts at under £1
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oculus touch currently 35 mins from delivery.
I am interested to hear peoples thoughts who are voting cold....... (I genuinely think this is a good, if limited appeal, deal).

Any recommendation on what to purchase?

Future owner here :).
I got TheBlu, because i love scuba diving but with a new family i wont be going any time soon, but its an experience not a game.
there is a lot of content, no one can suggest Oculus launched touch without anything to use on it, and most of it seems fairly good quality with a few strange exceptions, so it is hard to say. My advice......

buy something which is an oculus store exclusive and not on steam (note i did not take my own advice here!!!). as a rule of thumb steam stuff tends to be cheaper, and also stuff like pCARs you cant cross play with steam users so apparently the oculus store version is a little sparse online. Also Steam supports all headsets, where as right now officially oculus store only supports the rift, so if ever in the future you decide to switch devices, you may find it harder to access your oculus store stuff (this is not a vive vs oculus fanboy thread and there are many theories about who is at fault for this - though long term i would say valve can only be the winners if they stay like this, oculus needs to sell their store exclusives to vive owners if their store is to succeed imo).

if you cant decide yet just buy something cheap then you can play with the free stuff once you get your hmd and get a feel for what floats your boat.

edit and make sure you do not buy stuff which comes free if you buy the touch!!!

so medium, quill, dead and buried spring to mind.. .dont get these!.

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