RipTiger free today from giveawayoftheday.com
RipTiger free today from giveawayoftheday.com

RipTiger free today from giveawayoftheday.com

RipTiger Full the worlds #1 online video and TV downloader.

RipTiger is the easiest and the most powerful program to capture web video and TV. The newest version of RipTiger can boast downloading from just about any flash video web-site. Download movies, TV shows, music clips and other video. Convert the downloaded video and transfer it to your mobile devices. Experience online video in a new way!


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As with all Giveaway of the Day installers, you can obtain the original installer if you run it on the day of the deal...
Launch the installer (but don't install) then goto your temp folder ("\Local Settings\Temp\" - show hidden files).
Sort by date and the newest ".tmp" file is the original installer.
Copy it elsewhere and rename it to .exe and hey presto! you've got a reusable installer!

Top tip BubaMan - downloaded and saved the tmp file. Will test out the software later...

What about license codes?

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What about license codes?

Giveaway of the day installers all have licence keys within the installers so you don't need one.

In the readme for this product, it says:
"To register your copy start the program, go to "Menu --> Buy" and press "Enter License code" and "Continue", then "Finish". The fields are pre-filled with license data."

thx BubaMan:thumbsup:

Thanks for the tip, BubaMan. Cheers!

Yes, I am so scared off bugs as I do not have much computer knowledge and for that reason I feel not using my PC to is full potential. I have never downloaded any movies or music for that resaon, yet still I get nasties. Using avast, spybot, zonealarm & crap cleaner. Heat added. Love this site!!

Thanks! It works..
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