Rise Of The Footsoldier [Blu-ray] [2007] @ Amazon for £6.98

Rise Of The Footsoldier [Blu-ray] [2007] @ Amazon for £6.98

Found 31st Dec 2009
RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER charts the rapid rise of Carlton Leach, from feared football hooligan to him becoming a member of one of the country's most notorious crime syndicates. Following his life over the course of three decades, the film follows Leach's career from soccer thug, through a stint as a doorman and his involvement in the early rave scene, right through to his nadir as an integral part of a gang that ruled London and Essex during the late 80s and early 90s and would culminate in the infamous shotgun deaths of three of the firm's members in Rettendon.


Fantastic film although not worth the upgrade from a DVD to Blu Ray if you have it already IMO

But then again, I have!

I'll get my coat. Thank You!

I got it and its a good deal at this price.

Not a great film in my opinion save your cash
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