Risen (Xbox 360) £17.99 Delivered @ Gamestation
Risen (Xbox 360) £17.99 Delivered @ Gamestation

Risen (Xbox 360) £17.99 Delivered @ Gamestation

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A powerful wizard has broken the gods reign, banishing them from the face of the world.

Now that the world is free from the influence of the gods its filled with elemental magic, and mighty creatures that threaten to devastate the world.

Ancient temples rise from the ground, people disappear, and the deep roaring of the volcano appears to be harbingering an immediate eruption

Delve into a gritty, raw and atmospheric fantasy world in which every action has a consequence.

* Every action has a consequence and alters your standing with different factions and individuals.
* Dungeons full of deadly traps and secret areas, some of which are only accessible by magically transforming yourself into different creatures.
* Total immersion in an authentic and believable fantasy world. The diverse locations have their own distinctive look region-specific vegetation and weather conditions.
* Professional voice-acted dialogue by John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings) Andy Serkis (The Adventures of Tintin due out in 2010) and Lena Headey (Sarah Connor Chronicles)


voted hot seems good price, games meant to be ok too so i bought one as well.

I'd think twice before purchasing this.

Metacritic score for Pc version is 79

For the 360 version though the score is only 58.

I'd agree with the above comment, this seems to be getting poor reviews all around for the 360 version compared to the PC. Maybe they'll fix these issues with future updates though.

This is by the same studio that did all the Gothic games by the way and seems to basically be Gothic 4 under a different name.

Agreed with the above, if you have a decent PC get the PC version, otherwise I wouldn't waste your money. I've played both for quite a while and the 360 port is terrible in comparison to the PC version.

Still, best price I've seen, so voted hot... I just wouldn't buy it :p.

I've been following this game quite closely and before you buy it on the Xbox just be aware of a few things:

i) The game is a pretty hardcore rpg you'll probably be playing for hours before your character will even be able to fight properly. Its not an easy, hand holding type of RPG ala Fable, you will die alot.

ii) The Xbox version is pretty buggy and they've promised a patch soon but who knows when that drops.

iii) It looks like the PC version is the one to get, the devs apparently paid a third party to do the Xbox port.

Im not a huge fan of Piranha Bytes (devs) as their last open world rpg Gothic 3, was a buggy, hellish mess that I paid full price for on the PC. years after release despite promising to fix the issues they never did.

Thats why although im very tempted by this rpg, im holding off until some of its issues are fixed.

Fools me once... and all that..:whistling:

I have played this on the PC for about an hour.
It ain't the most sophisticated, flash or refined RPG I played but I will admit that I was starting to get into it.
No idea what it is like on the 360 though.
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