Rita Sue and Bob too £1 @ Pound World
Rita Sue and Bob too £1 @ Pound World

Rita Sue and Bob too £1 @ Pound World

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Went into a pound shop in Nottingham (Vicky centre) and seen this, used to love this film when i was younger , so many funny quotes, might evnen watch it later to remind me of them. Cant get it for less than £3.99 online so svery good deal me thinks.....

In the north of England, teenage girls Sue (Michelle Holmes) and Rita (Siobhan Finneran) earn themselves some extra pennies babysitting for middle-class suburban couple Bob (George Costigan) and Michelle (Lesley Sharp).

Bob offers to drive the girls home, but instead takes them over to the moors, where he proposes a menage a trois. All three enjoy the experience so much that they begin to repeat it on a regular basis, but complications soon ensue...



Sheer class

Good film a bargain for £1

Love the drunken dad.:)

Original Poster

" it looks like a frozen sausage":w00t:

lmao I'm going to have to visit poundland for this!

Fab film lol

Great Northern film- heat added

A thought a were fookin great

Original Poster

"Fat ****ing MAVIS!!"

Oh it's not fair Rita always goes first. :?


Love the drunken dad.:)

Funniest thing I ever saw.
Before people were TERRIFIED of being a little un-pc.

Good film and a bargain at just £1.
Heat added.

Rita's the woman from Benidorm!


Love the drunken dad.:)

"Don't you stick your ore in or i'll f****n' flatten yer ya b*****d"

That line is worth a pound in itself!

"I thought I were greeeaaaaat"

Top film and very funny even now..

brilliant my best film ever

we going for a jump then or what?

Fantastic film although some of the sex scenes in the car were a bit raunchy for 1986.

Rita is now in Benidorm and Sue has been in Emmerdale and Coronation street. In fact I seem to remember Rita had a small part in Coronation street as a factory girl around the same time as Sue was a barmaid in the Rovers in the late 1980s.

The cameo from Black Lace is fantastic - the whole film is fantastic!

Love the trip to the Bronte museum where the girls are rounded up like cattle and marched down the street in Howarth.

Love the drunken dad and his wife's withering reactions to his outpourings.

At least a dozen fantastic characters in this. Even the fat guy watering his plants!

(from a distant balcony) "Up the IRA!"

Fantastic film!! :thumbsup:


"I thought I were greeeaaaaat"Top film and very funny even now..



(from a distant balcony) "Up the IRA!":w00t:

" Send her up Manningham Lane - It's the best place forra!"

I'm sure I saw this at the cinema when it came out.

I love this film! Why is there no poundland near me :x

one of the best films ever,

Great movie, I really can't understand why it only gets 6.1 on the IMDb ... possibly yanks or southerners having difficulty with the accents or humour? Who knows, but they're wrong.

I asked the missus if she wanted to watch Rita, Sue and Bob Too and she said 'No, i've not seen the 1st one!':-D

hot deal

Great film, what a bargain! "Make your own f*cking tea!"

great film:-D

Classic film, school scenes actually set in my old school - classy - haha !!!!!!

aye me first... me first

Classic, heat added

Cracking film, i love it!

Can't go wrong for a £1 :-D

Something about Lesley Sharp in her pants that 'stirred my teenage interest' when I first saw this.

Heat and rep, a classic!


Love the drunken dad.:)

Im gonna bash your F*^&$% brains in....LOL.. QUALITY.
Voted hot :thumbsup:

Fancy a jump? Great film and I'm a Southerner!

One of the greatest films ever made - love it!!

bratford innit.
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