RITEK 8X DVD-R GOLD TOP 100 PACK - UKDVDR - £12.82 Incl Delivery
RITEK 8X DVD-R GOLD TOP 100 PACK - UKDVDR - £12.82  Incl Delivery

RITEK 8X DVD-R GOLD TOP 100 PACK - UKDVDR - £12.82 Incl Delivery

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These Ritek gold discs have a gold top surface. The 8x Ritek G05 dye is tried and tested and is the heart of what makes this such a high quality disc. These discs are not inkjet printable
Special Offer until 10th Feb
100 pack only £6.99 = 7p each inc VAT! (nsp=£11.48)

DVD-Rs without postage are £6.99

Shipping is £5.83 (included in the final price I posted) but note this stays the same no matter how much you order, so you can get 2 packs for £20.99 for example, works out very cheap for a high quality brand.


Ritek is some of the worst media out there, hence the price 7p. Ok for data or music in the short term but will not last. Try watching a movie in 6 months.

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Ritek is alot better then most of the budget media out there, Taiyo Yuden Dye media of course is the leader, but next is Ritek as far as I know,.

Ritek media is sold by many brands, including Fujifilm, Maxell (2001-Present), Memorex 2001, 2005-Present), Philips and Verbatim. It was also sold under TDK in 2001-2003.

quoted from wikipeida, Even Verbaitem uses ritek Dye for some of their products 'apparently'

If you want quality and reliability then of course go for the more expensive 'Taiyo Yuden' Dye brands, but for budget media Ritek is the best you will find in my opinion.

The cheaper Ritek's tend to degrade very quickly.

Sorry voted cold, not because of the media but the company!

Shocking customer service and even though they are my nearest stockist for cheap blank media I will never use them again!

Verbatim have never used Ritek discs afaik - they have discs manufactured in both Moser Baer (india) and CMC (taiwan) factories but not ritek.

I occasionally use ritek G05 discs for the odd thing, and I ended up being given 100 of those gold tops (they were selling for £7 per 100) a few weeks back and they are the worst discs I've ever come across.

Around a third have lots of blemishes and scaring of the dye, some even have whole chunks of dye missing.

I've never had a DVD coaster (that wasn't my own fault) before, even with other G05 or infosmart discs, but managed about 6 with these discs (out of about 25 burns).

I bought a box of 600 of these discs [GOLD g05's] from SVP.
In the first 100 pack I had around 20 or 30 discs that had bad blemishes on the dye surface.
So bad in fact that i ended up complaining to SVP (who by the way were excellent in their customer service).
They sent out a courier picked up the remaining 500 unopened discs and sent out a good box of 500 unbranded white top G05's in their place, which cost more to SVP, but no more to me.

Couldn't knock SVP, but I would never recommend these discs to anyone.


The datawrite Titanium CMC dye is the only one that comes close to verbatim.

These G05 disks give me coasters at least 1 out of 3 burns.

PS. forgot to say, the gold paint/film on the top of the discs scratches very easily making the discs unreadable - which is what i found to my cost on the 70 discs that actually completed a burn.


I have had a pack of these from ukdvdr a while ago and i have not had a problem, guess its pot luck these days.
I have some \verbatim and they are more expensive but again no problems so far.

I was just going to post this aswell -good discs -great deal.

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UKDVDR add VAT onto their postage so it is higher than the figure … UKDVDR add VAT onto their postage so it is higher than the figure illustrated, last time I bought something from these guys total P+P came to £7.00 including VAT!The blanks are not 7 pence when you factor in the rip off postage. It has been a long time since ritek produced a quality disc, they have lost their way a bit.

The price I listed is the exact price it comes to with postage and VAT on both, also the price of delivery i wrote in post is the price WITH VAT. Maybe you should check the deal before saying the listed price is false. that is the exact price you will pay. £12.82 for 1, £20.99 for 2 e.t.c


Just received two packs of these. Atrocious quality. They are not 8x either, they are recognised as 4x max.

After 4 burns I have yet to have a successful burn. These are the worst discs I have ever used.

I get rings of burns and missed burns on the write side of these discs. Out of the one disc that looks like it was ok, was unreadable on any device!

I doubt I'll get far with a return/refund as UKDVDR are one of the worst companies ever to get any customer service satisfaction judging by the reviews I've read about them. They tend to conveniently lose your items when you send them back and refuse to accept recorded delivery returns! Well dodgy!

bought some of these ... around 40% so far are faulted !

avoid like the plague - lots of cracks and blemishes and scored in lines - before even writing !
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