Hey guys the river island sale is online now, so heads up and purchase your items fast! on a side note i think it started at 2:30am I have been on it since 2:45am and i was quite surprised as the best items are gone in my size medium :(, so either there just not providing enough stock or some people were just too quick . Anyway enjoy and I hope you find a bargain!


cool. bought cardi £39.99 a couple days ago, now £20 online, ordered and guess what im returning to store today lol, cheers.

I so wish there was a free delivery code. The top I want is half price though but I think £3.95 is steep for postage

booooooooo all the good stuff in my size has sold out already

Have been on the site since 9.30am this morning trying to check out, keeps crashing and then have to do whole order again!!

ordered some boots for my little lad.....cant see anything for me !! :-(

site keeps crashing

site totally down now

Managed this morning to buy the £80 boots I'd been eyeing up for a while for half price Also picked up 2 pairs of jeans and a cardy for a total of £100 for all 4!

Can't get on the website at all now though!

its back up

Cool - love RiverIsland! Heat!

Site is slower than a snail in Superglue!

I'm just going to go to the in-store sale on Friday. Hopefully they'll still have some large menswear left...

any free delivery on it?

502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.
There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the Web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server.

Site is inaccessible. Too much traffic.

got husband military boots half price, thankyou. But womens soooo slow!

Looking forward to the BIG Sale shopping extravaganza

is this instore as well??


what a terrible site, its ham shank!

slow slow slow

extremely slowwww.

now there is some error message about them trying to get their site ready for the sale.... stupidly slow, reminiscent of amazon black friday :s

Terrible site. I give up....!!

I've ordered on the site twice without any problems....strange.....once this morning and again at tea time

Site is now down, don't think they were expecting the volume of traffic they got. Still good find!

heat added thanks


Just been on there and looked through all their sale items for mens and personally didnt find anything i liked, or those few items that did catch my eye happened to be available in unwanted sizes. Goodluck to everyone else, hope u find things u like in ur sizes.

I just managed to order (after trying for hours) myself a nice leather jacket i've been eyeing for a few months - £130 down to £65. Bargain

Lol! X)

For the men sale, I get error message 'The service is unavailable'


is this instore as well??

instore Friday, website really slow:(

this is info not a deal and therefore should be in misc

Went into our shop today to look at shoe sale...but it was rubbish !!

Website is still slow or not working, sale is quite good though


Went into our shop today to look at shoe sale...but it was rubbish !!

Why rubbish? nothing left?

Went into the store this morning 8am and the changing rooms were out of action. Didnt buy a thing. :-(

Silverburn Glasgow.
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