River Island sale starts on Monday 22 Dec (online)
River Island sale starts on Monday 22 Dec (online)

River Island sale starts on Monday 22 Dec (online)

Main Sale starts on Boxing Day 26 Dec in stores


Yawn another sale that needs to be in misc

Not that appealing if there is no Free delivery

You can get same prices on the high street.


I love RI, thanks would rather order online than brave town in the sales!

Thanks for the heads up. My g/f will be happy. ;-)

Horrraaaaayyyy!!!!! Lol i love river island sales!!!!!! Lol, only time river island clothes are actually worth the money!!!!

Great, Thanks :-)

Cheers, I love the gear from RI

can you return sale items?

I'm sure you can return sale items, can't remember it saying otherwise on back of receipt. Although they once told me at the till that the items I was buying were non returnable. Think it was coz they were really cheap (Tops at £2) and wanting to get rid of them.

Midnight start?

Where did this info come from? Maybe its me but i can't see anything on their website.

Just noticed they have a very very small selection in the sale on line right now - hope that aint it !!

Sale is on!!!

The Sale seems to be on its way and right now whole online shop is washed away with nothing to buy. BUT just started showing the sale banner on home page.

Must be loading the sale in few minutes from now.

WoW don't wanna miss it ..

to rizel 123 - there is certain dates as stated on websites where they r not accepting returns
i have had a look me personally think there will be more of a selection instore than online

RI is one of the few places who have genuine half price sales. Last year I bought a load of items before xmas only to see them half price after xmas. Voted hot.

Had a look on their site at the sale - looks very promising again...going to brave the stores early on boxing day to save delivery i think

Another sale , fancy that, cold!

I hate the sale instore, it's a disaster I never find anything, it's like a jumble sale! Had a look online, some good buys. Although nothing I want in my size and the bag I was looking at is still full price, but still hot! Spotted a few leather bags that were nice for half price.
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