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Rivers of London books 99p each at Amazon
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Rivers of London books 99p each at Amazon

Posted 5th Jan

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Today's Big Deal: 5 Ben Aaronovitch Kindle Books on sale

5 titles from "Rivers of London" series on sale, at 99p each.

Also same price at kobo.

just started reading these and they are great.
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Excellent deal . Bought all 5. The wife read the first two and really liked them .
Yaay having read 1 & 2 for 99p I've been sitting on 4 & 5 for ages waiting for a deal on 3 .... I can crack on now!!
Great deal. Buy these now!
I read the first 4 a few years back and ended up stopping there. The first two books are a good read and I'd highly recommend them to those who enjoy the Dresden files or similar. If I remember, the third book was a little dull and not terribly innovative for the series. The fourth then didn't do enough to return my interest. Your mileage may vary, and for this price you can't deny it's a great deal, however, I would just grab the first two of you're new to the series.
Great book
The audible books are great, narration is spot on
The first books are very enjoyable and innovative.
The latest in the series suffer IMO in referencing other media in the arc, such as the graphic novels, which therefore become essential in understanding the relationships, but especially suffer from the dreaded write by numbers syndrome (the same that hit, among others, mcall smith) and the story becomes predictable, and a series of filler pages, interspersed by occasional events.
Having said that the books are a fun and easy read.
I love these books. I listen to audiobooks and these are great. There's supposed to be a TV series being made by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's TV company Stolen Picture.
I haven’t read the later books but listened to them only, maybe how great the narration is gets over some other folks reservations in them - did get a little tired of the big bad at one point I have to admit but the narration was so good!

same as Harry Potter for me - I couldn’t read them again but the narration is so great I can listen to them again.
These are a great read. Shame I have them already.

Great time and price to get into them.
Couldn't get into these
one of my favourite light and fun series on Audible - Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is terrific at reading them. I can't picture Peter Grant without Kobna's voice now. How wonderful it would be if he gets to play him in a TV series.
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