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WEBER Black Friday : SMOKEY Joe Original £30 / 57cm Premium Cover £30.89 / GBS Sear Grate £25 + Free Next Day Postage Over £50
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Black Friday deals at Riverside Garden Centre on Weber. Free Delivery over £50. Some examples: Weber 57 Premium Cover was £59.99 Now 30.80. Weber Smokey Joe Original Now £20 We… Read more
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My ‘plan’ is to use it to do small things when firing up the big one isn’t practical (ie just the two of us). Plus for the price it’s better than the cheapo disposables and you get the warranty etc.


Kinda regretting my BF Weber purchases now.... am I really going to take the smokey joe in its carry case with accessories somewhere and BBQ? 😯


Not bad for Black Friday purchase. Like they use DPD rather than the others :)


Arrived today!


Gone up to £30 now, still cheap though!

Weber Master Touch 57cm Lowest EVER price! £160 Delivered @ Riverside Garden Centre
LocalLocalFound 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Lowest price EVER! Fantastic deal 🔥 Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm - Smoke Grey possible £144 @ Go outdoors (via price match) WEBER® MASTER-TOUCH® GBS® 57CM - SMOKE GREY B… Read more
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Now £170 still a Great Price! (y)


Great deal as these go for around £260. The best deal I ever came across was on posted HUKD last year for £122 at Homebase. John Lewis refused to match it as they said it was a pricing error. I was lucky enough to get one from Homebase


Same here! The email says to go instore and buy it - I called them up saying I have no nearby store and they managed to alter the price of my basket there and then! Total: £144 + £5 mandatory discount card (- 5% potential quidco) (y)


Got an email from GoOutdoors customer support confirming £144 for the BBQ!!!


Other colours now available, check my other deal (y)

Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill BBQ £477 (and older models with bigger discounts) @ Riverside garden center
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
Riverside Garden Centre have some fairly decent discounts on Weber gas grills. Yes there are cheaper grills out there, possibly better ones at this price point too, but if you tru… Read more
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£530 showing now


Then like I said, a good deal if that's your choice of BBQ.


It's like a Mercedes of BBQ. Is like saying a 20 grand discount from a range rover is a terrible deal because you could get a Kia for half the price... The discount makes this a good deal for someone who wants a Weber spirit. I'm a coals man so bought one of the mastertouch BBQ for 169 and I know I could have bought 17 bucket BBQs for this price but I want a Weber mastertouch.


Quite a few Riverside Garden Centre 'deals' lately?


I thought it was a typo, but it actually does say Four Hundred and Seventy Seven Pounds.. AFTER discount! This is way overpriced kit, but I suppose technically this is a good price if this is the model you must have.

Weber Smokey Mountain 57cm and cover £336.75 at riversidegardencentre.co.uk
Found 9th Sep 2018Found 9th Sep 2018
Weber Smokey Mountain 57cm and cover at riversidegardencentre.co.uk . seems a pretty good price even without the cover.
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Now £404, I guess this should be expired.


Great bit of kit, but I would recommend the 47cm it’s not so massive, uses less fuel so more economic. Still holds a decent amount of meat


This is designed for smoking. As in stuff like pulled pork, etc. Basically if you don't know what this is for then it's not for you. This is for slow cooking meat for like 12-18 hours. This is basically for BBQ experts. Not for someone who cooks burgers and sausages, etc.


Ummm... I would have struck at the original price.


Thank you, that’s very helpful. Seems like a GBS is more versatile, considering I only have space for one device.

Weber limited edition GBS red - £179.99 @ Riverside Garden Centre
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Porcelain-Enamelled Bowl and Lid Limited Edition Lid Mounted Thermometer Tuck-Away Lid Holder Stainless Steel Hinged GBS Cooking Grate Integrated Tool Holders Stainless Steel One-T… Read more
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£209 now-***


Mine was the same but I wouldn't worry too much about it as Weber has 10 years Guarantee and their customer service is good hence if it happens, they will replace it I suppose.


Ours seems okay apart from a few tiny black dots on the top of the lid and the metal part of the handle is not very nicely painted. I hope it wont start to corrode there


Not checked yet! (embarrassed)

Weber Original Kettle Premium 57cm £150 @ Riverside Garden Centre
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Was £229.99 down to £150 at Riverside Garden Centre (including online with free delivery) With Weber being one of the finest bbq brands this is a great sale price.

Oh dear. Whenever I see a better one Im getting more confused. I wish I can unsee these more expensive ones. :D


I wouldn't get downhearted on the votes, to those that know how to BBQ the Weber is the best out there. But people will vote it down because you can buy a 99p throwaway one from B&M or somewhere.


I didn't realise they had other performers - ours has the charcoal holder too, which is incredibly handy. Having just had a look, ours is the https://www.riversidegardencentre.co.uk/weber-performer-deluxe.html deluxe model - sorry didn't mean to send anyone up the garden path with the wrong info.


Thanks. Updated. Even better deal now (cheeky)


It is £140 now.

Weber® Original Kettle® Premium 57cm £99 @ Riverside
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
WEBER®® ORIGINAL KETTLE® PREMIUM 57CM (BLACK) Formerly referred to as the Weber® One-Touch Premium, the Weber® Original Kettle® Premium 57cm (Black) is a modern classic that combi… Read more

I am gutted I've missed out! where would I find a similar deal now please?


Got mine today. All built and ready to go. Just need some sunshine now 8) it's now priced at £170 really was a bargain at £99


Congrats. I am gutted i have not ordered in time :(




I received notification from the courier that mine (ordered at £99) is being delivered Tuesday. Given that the price has now changed yet again (currently £140) that makes at least 4 price changes in around 24hrs, I wonder if they’ve got some kind of dynamic pricing system.

Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm  - £165 @ Riverside Garden Centre
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Key Features: Porcelain-Enamelled Bowl and Lid Lid Mounted Thermometer Tuck-Away Lid Holder Chrome Triple-Plated Hinged GBS Cooking Grate Integrated Tool Holders Stainless Steel O… Read more

up to 209 now (mad)


send them a message on facebook or web chat quick as they might be able to sell it for lower price still for you considering it was in your basket. Worth a try.


Price on the grey one just creeped up to £188.10 between me viewing it and adding it to my basket! A shame. I guess they've got some kind of nasty views->price software at work. (mad)


I will actually hold back for 12 months until the new model hits the stores and get discounted come winter to 150 quid as well.


I think it depends how much the price difference is. I go with the red as I dont mind the colour and I hope the grate last longer. Although I wish there was an option of the upgraded grate in the black bbq

Weber® 47cm Hinged Cooking Grate - £23.40 (+£4.95 P&P) @ Riverside Garden Centre
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
Weber® 47cm Hinged Cooking Grate - £23.40 (+£4.95 P&P) @ Riverside Garden Centre
Great if you want to turn your basic 47cm Weber grill into a smoker so you can top up the charcoal without removing the meat. Instore and online (£4.95 shipping) Next best price i… Read more
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Yeah, the vent on my Summit is in the middle.


It depends on what type of grill you are using as many have the vent in different places, both my weber GBS and my bar b quick smoker have the vent offset on one side so the idea is you place the meat under the vent so that the smoke and heat is drawn over the meat & it also makes a handy place for the meat temperature probe. In the winter time i have a old electric oven in my garage that i use as a smoker, i light a small amount of charcoal in a bread tin and add some wet chunks of wood, set the temperature on the oven and leave it to get on with it and it works a treat.


Ah, I smoke mine right in the middle of the grate - hence my comment.


You don't smoke with the meat directly over the charcoal, thats not smoking, thats grilling. So the "joint" you speak of wont be blocking this hinged section at all


Still gonna be hard to open those flaps with a joint on top, not much room at all.

Weber Gourmet BBQ System Sear Grate - Half price £25 instore - Riverside Garden Centre
LocalLocalFound 22nd Aug 2018Found 22nd Aug 2018
Weber Gourmet BBQ System Sear Grate - Half price £25 instore - Riverside Garden Centre
For those who love a perfectly seared steak (other meats available) done on the BBQ and acting quickly this could be the perfect deal for you. Riverside garden centre are currentl… Read more

Although to be honest I used it again last night and while the tongs can do it, a proper lifter would be better as the grate is pretty heavy. Does anyone know how clean these things need to be? Despite soaking in soapy water I still can't get all the burnt bits off unless I use a metal brush and the instructions explicitly say not to.


I just use my tongs


Thanks (y)


Does anyone also have the Weber grate lifting tool for this - is it necessary or are there other recommended alternatives?


£50 min spend.

Weber 57cm Master Touch Limited Edition - £209 @ Riverside Garden Centre (plus free Chimney Starter Set)
Found 22nd Jul 2018Found 22nd Jul 2018
Weber 57cm Master Touch Limited Edition - £209 @ Riverside Garden Centre (plus free Chimney Starter Set)
This is the Limited Edition Weber Master-touch 57cm which has three differences to the standard Master-touch; a stainless steel grill, a Limited Edition thermometer and new wheels.… Read more

Good tip, thanks. Our BBQ is a basic model that doesn’t even have that rotating cleaning kit. It’s got to be the Master Touch!!


Thanks I'll check out the heat beads.The Weber 'Replacement Cleaning System' is a kit that is available.Bit fiddly to fit especially if center is badly rusted, fused to base, we took about an hour.


I’d recommend Heat Beads charcoal. I’ve tried the Weber briquettes but the beads are better: last longer, less ‘ashy’ and seems to burn hotter. Just bought 5x 4kg for about £30 delivered from Hot Smoked. They threw in a bag of premium wood chips with the delivery too :D Meanwhile am incredibly tempted by the BBQ deal. Need to work on The Boss for justification (we have a small lower end 10 yr old Weber that’s still doing ok apart from now missing the lower vents).


Haha I bought a "premium" cover from Amazon but it blew away this weekend during all that wind. This one looks a lot better though. Brisket turned out good but with room for improvement. Pork Shoulder was great but not tender enough for pulling. Think I needed to leave them in there for quite a bit longer. I was pleased with how easy it was to keep a constant temperature in there using the snake method. Only had one flare up when one of my chunks caught fire but I just moved it and everything was ok. Smoking doesn't half make a mess though! Everything is covered in a sticky film. £1 BBQ brush from Wilko of all places does absolute wonders though. Much better than the wire brushes I've used.


Brilliant! Made up for you and a brisket so soon, impressive! Don't forget to look after your baby it will have sentimental value in years to come! https://www.hotukdeals.com/visit/comment/34464489/15841263 Cheers!

Weber Spirit Original E-310 Gas BBQ down to £480 @ Riverside Garden Centre
Found 9th Apr 2018Found 9th Apr 2018
Weber Spirit Original E-310 Gas BBQ down to £480 @ Riverside Garden Centre
I'm after a weber BBQ and have been watching this for a while. It's normally around £584, and falls to £500 once every few months. Now down to £480. This is the better version, no… Read more
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Seems like this expired - back to £584 now.


I'll be keeping it outside. It's good quality so it shouldn't rust easily, but I'll be using a waterproof BBQ cover. Branded weber covers cost about £80, but amazon has covers that are perfectly fine for about £15-20.


Not the same BBQ, different version. JohnLewis stocks the "Classic" version, not the "Original". The classic does not have cast iron grills. The Original is normally significantly more expensive than the classic!


what else would you need to buy if you don't have a shed and want to leave this outdoors so it doesn't rust?


£479 @John Lewis https://www.johnlewis.com/weber-spirit-classic-e-310-3-burner-gas-bbq/p231878339

Weber Original Premium 57cm - £167 @ Riverside Garden Centre
Found 5th Apr 2018Found 5th Apr 2018
Weber Original Premium 57cm - £167 @ Riverside Garden Centre
Used Weber10 and got a further 10pct off !!
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That was my issue David, how long do you wait!!!


These prices go up and down like a lady of the night's knickers! I bit the bullet for a master touch GBS from Riverside the other week for £190. Not the cheapest it's been but fed up trying to nab one and missing when they drop lower the odd days here and there throughout the year.


Great deal. Yes it is in B&Q but for me that's a 60 mile round trip. Weber; we get it; the rest won't.


Ahhhh shame was an expired code I used, maybe they caught after the order.


Coupon 'Weber10' is not valid... B&Q Selling them for the same price: https://www.diy.com/departments/weber-premium-charcoal-kettle-barbecue/1685723_BQ.prd However, thank you for sharing! Welcome!

Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm + Free GBS insert of choice. - Black £215.99 (with 10% off code) @ Riverside
Found 30th Jan 2018Found 30th Jan 2018
Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm + Free GBS insert of choice. - Black £215.99 (with 10% off code) @ Riverside
10% off Code : WEBER10. May be a tough sell in January but this is a great price for the Weber Master-Touch and a free GBS grill accessory worth up to £53.99 or a cover. I wouldn… Read more

The 10% off still works but you dont have a choice on the GBS insert as it has to be the pizza stone. ;(


Mine turned up today. Fantastic service from Riverside too. Went for the Poultry Roaster attachment (was a toss up between that and sear grate) and will get that cover from Amazon so cheers for that tip.


I have one of these, fantastic BBQ, but careful when you move it, as it tends to roll over


Cheers op, best deal for this at the mo, needed a new one! Hot!


For those interested in Sear after Sous vide and or BBQing for one or two, if you check out the second photo it comes will a grill: SIMPA® Large Chimney Charcoal Coal Starter BBQ Coal Fire Fast Lighter Grill Quick Start Galvanised Steel Camping Fire Ignition Lighter Coal Fuel Burner Lighting Kit Square 27cm (H) x 22cm (W) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074SJ8JYF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_R7jCAbASGKVMC Basically it's a fold away BBQ, ideal for camping and weekend trips away. Also a 'Chiminey starter' for large BBQs although best to get Webers for that use. I have bought one, will post back with results. Cheers (Sorry OP to jump in).

WEBER® KETTLE BBQ ROTISSERIE for 57" Weber kettle £118.99 @ Riverside Garden center
Found 15th Oct 2017Found 15th Oct 2017
WEBER® KETTLE BBQ ROTISSERIE for 57" Weber kettle £118.99 @ Riverside Garden center
I've just snagged this with FREE next day delivery for £118.99 I know some folks may smile and say "what BBQing in the Autumn/Winter?!!", however I think now is a great time to get… Read more
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The price has increased to £132.59.


Thanks OP I got the rotisserie for my e-310 which was also reduced. Just got to practice with some chickens before the Christmas turkey goes on :)


Great bit of kit. Use mine loads (y)




I had the ebay one on my radar but figured if the mother in law is coming for Christmas lunch I was better trusting 'Weber' and 10kg weight Cheers

Weber Premium one touch 57cm Kettle barbecue, lowest price ever! With a 10 Year rust Warranty £143.99 Delivered @ Riverside Garden Centre
Found 14th Sep 2017Found 14th Sep 2017
Weber Premium one touch 57cm Kettle barbecue, lowest price ever! With a 10 Year rust Warranty £143.99 Delivered @ Riverside Garden Centre
Usually Priced £229! WEBER® ORIGINAL KETTLE® PREMIUM 57CM (BLACK) Formerly referred to as the Weber® One-Touch Premium, the Weber® Original Kettle® Premium 57cm (Black) is a mode… Read more
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Bargain price!


+1 I've just ordered one this evening. Present Weber on its last legs .... 25 years old.... Thanks op


Why expired -seems to still be available??


Spot on. In the meantime, we are very happy with our Weber. It's about 6 years old, stays out in all weather with a thin cover, and it's showing no signs of rot.


I think we can all be sure they won't be at the sub £150 price point, sadly. I would love a ceramic Kamado, but to get a decent one you are talking serious money. And for someone like me who would probably only use it a few times a year, well a year with a summer like this one, it's not really justified to spend that much money.

Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm - Black  £180 @ Riverside
Found 3rd Sep 2017Found 3rd Sep 2017
Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm - Black £180 @ Riverside
Weber master touch 57cm. Price dropped to £180 at riverside garden centre. Just bought one myself for £210 with the free griddle, a great BBQ! First deal go easy (embarrassed)

For anyone wanting to get it cheaper, go outdoors will match the current price of £195 - 10%, works out at £175.50 (y) 🏻


I've been watching this deal and the other one for the Weber Premium at £143.99. I don't think the original for £125 is that good a deal compared to the others. For £19 more you can have the Premium with the ash catcher with I think is worth it for the convenience. But then another £36 would've got you this deal (although it's now gone up £15) with the charcoal holders, GBS grate and lid holder. I would definitely prefer to roll it back than hook it on the side and the holders seem more useful than the dividers. I'm not sure if I'd buy the centre accessories but it would be cheaper to get the grate with this deal than buy it separately later. The best deal does seem to be the ones with the pizza stones and rubs included for £210 but then I think do I really need to spend that much on a BBQ! (excited) Does anyone use lump charcoal (the restaurant type) in the holders, do they burn ok? I don't really like using briquettes.


Price seems to have gone up to £195


If you want to save an extra £60 and dont mind not having the better ash removal system and side holder for lid https://www.riversidegardencentre.co.uk/weber-one-touch-original-57cm.html also 100% agree with cover https://www.hotukdeals.com/visit/comment/31883711/15499053 £5 less for green, I have the above setup and the bosmere green cover for chiminea also. All good. Overall if you want the best this is a great deal. Here is a very good video explaining the 3 models they all have thermometers and handle heat deflectors now Don't forget first use, no food, "burn in" to remover protective oil/grease Weber put on in factory.


I'm on the look out for good price on a gas weber. Either the e210 spirit or the q3200. Although I saw a ziggy2 in a garden centre the other and was impressed with it and really liked the look of the Grill-stream tech.

Weber® Original Kettle® Premium 57cm  £143.99 @ riversidegardencentre.co.uk
Found 29th Aug 2017Found 29th Aug 2017
Weber® Original Kettle® Premium 57cm £143.99 @ riversidegardencentre.co.uk
The premium 57cm Weber ... £143.99 delivered. Cheapest I have seen it this year! BBQworld have it at the same price with code CLEAR10

I think the lid has a built in holder, that hooks onto the side of the main kettle. It isn't the roll back lid though. The cut out grill you could buy at a later stage if you want.


Thanks OP. Never had a weber before. Wasn't sure between this and master touch but it seems the difference is a lid holder and the circular cut out in the grill which I don't need.


I think that they use briquettes opposed to charcoal because it is consistent. Each briquette should burn and hold their heat for the same period of time.


Thanks, that's quite a loss in the area but then having said that it's not often I need to use it all and I'd still keep the drum one. I do prefer indirect cooking, even with the usual sausages and burgers and the drum one allows me to put the charcoal on one side and the food the other. The grate lets the charcoal sit in the middle away from the bbq itself so it never touches the sides but on the Weber it looks like you can pile it to the sides with the dividers, which should help. I use the restaurant grade big k charcoal (got 2.5 boxes left) and not briquettes but from all the photos I've seen people tend to use these over lumpwood, is there a reason for that? The only joint of meat I have done so far is chicken and I think the bbq got far too hot cos the temperature of the meat went over 90 degrees, but it still tasted nice and was juicy. I would like to do some low and slow cooking so it sounds like the Weber will be ideal for this.


The drum one has a bigger grilling area as it is 57cm x 83cm this is only 57cm diameter Drum = 4,731 cm2 Weber = 2,551 cm2 I have the 47cm Weber and I purchased that second hand 9 years ago ... it still hasn't fallen apart and I leave it exposed to the elements every year! Needed a bigger BBQ as there wasn't enough space and have been looking for the 57cm Weber for a while. My understanding is that the Weber is far better at controlling the heat (so perfect if you want to experiment with slow cooking and smoking) but if you need the surface area, stick with your drum ... or buy 2 Weber's ;)

Weber One Touch 57cm BBQ  @ Riverside garden center - £159.99
LocalLocalFound 9th Aug 2017Found 9th Aug 2017
Weber One Touch 57cm BBQ @ Riverside garden center - £159.99
Weber 57cm premium bbq
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Seems like a decent price for a decent BBQ that will last a while. Ignore the negatives and keep posting, there are people out there that will take advantage of your deals so forget if they get hot or cold. Thanks.


Any discount codes out there.?


Heat. Been after one of these for a while, was waiting for their price to drop. Looking for a duel smoker and grill, this will do nicely :D


Noooo. Ignore the cold votes and keep posting deals. Discounted high value items often go cold but are still bargains for anyone who wants them. HUKD would be so dull if it was all about cheap baked beans!


Great price, great BBQ!