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Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost 95 ST-Line Edition 5dr [2020.25] • Hatchback (5 Door) £139.75 P/M 8000 MPA 23+9 @ Rivervale Contract Hire & Leasing
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Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost 95 ST-Line Edition 5dr [2020.25] • Hatchback (5 Door) £139.75 P/M 8000 MPA 23+9 @ Rivervale Contract Hire & Leasing£4,472
Best Deal I can find, you can get it through Carwow for a further discount however some will prefer to deal direct with the agency and not through a 3rd party
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Don't let them upsell for metallic paint....its included in the price.


Thank you, been looking for a car myself and seemed like a good dea


Welcome to the site @Samuel_Thomson mega hot first post (y)


You also get 2 weeks all inclusive in Mauritius.


Yes no problem also include a cheque for £4000

Ford Fiesta RED edition 140bhp £166 p/m average over 2 yr 'LEASE' @ rivervaleleasing
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Posted 15th Mar 2016Posted 15th Mar 2016
Ford Fiesta RED edition 140bhp £166 p/m average over 2 yr 'LEASE' @ rivervaleleasing£3,989.65
Various p/m cost with initial payment equivalent of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. These are excellently reviewed cars (as all new fiestas) 9 vehicles available at this price. £3989.65 ove… Read more

getting mine next Friday...cheers op for the post


Another vote for how good this car is. Remember to add in a dental plan though, it's bumpy out there!


I'm leasing this for £150pm on a personal lease! amazing car and by far the best car I've had. not only is it really quick but extremely fun to drive and economical. would highly recommend


How is this related to ps4?


Tempted with this deal. First time leasing...anyone used these before, are they any good

Ford Fiesta ST-2 6+23 contract hire 164.99 (inc VAT) per month personal lease 10,000 miles per annum. Total cost £4784.71 Rivervale Contract Hire & Leasing
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Posted 3rd Nov 2014Posted 3rd Nov 2014
Ford Fiesta ST-2 6+23 contract hire 164.99 (inc VAT) per month personal lease 10,000 miles per annum. Total cost £4784.71 Rivervale Contract Hire & Leasing£4,784.81
Stock vehicles are on the way due for delivery at the dealer mid-November. I have already ordered one (in spirit blue). Sent the signed agreement back today and should have the ca… Read more

Yes, I had to ask for it specifically. If you're serious about getting one just give them a call, they've been very helpful to me (having never leased before).


Your optician must be highly incompetent.


This company has form for credit checking you before confirming they have any stock. Proceed with caution. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/ford-focus-titanium-nav-only-135-99-per-month-6-23-lease-10000-miles-per-annum-total-2025616


Can I ask how you got the 3+23 deal please? Did you have to call/email them specifically for it? Thanks


My car comes in spirit blue with the style pack included, I think ford are churning out all STs with the style pack. Give them a call and they will tell you what they have available in the ordered stock. There were only two in blue and I've nabbed one. This deal has been available for a few weeks, but I wanted to make sure mine was secured before posting on here :D

Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 Plugin-Hybrid GX3 - 2 year lease, £247.99 per month after £1487.94 deposit (inc VAT) £7191.71 @ rivervaleleasing
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Posted 24th Oct 2014Posted 24th Oct 2014
Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 Plugin-Hybrid GX3 - 2 year lease, £247.99 per month after £1487.94 deposit (inc VAT) £7191.71 @ rivervaleleasing£7,191.71
This is a plug-in electic hybrid 4x4. Its batteries are rated at 32 miles of range, and then there's a 2-litre petrol engine. It's ideal for school run and other short journeys. O… Read more

What would be great is a battery that you could stick in the boot, so when you don't need the space but want to make a long journey you have a long range, but it would be very heavy and likely need something like a fork lift truck or at least a bespoke lift to hoist it in, plus a lack of regular charging would probably reduce its life. With respect to 58% of journeys being under 5 miles, I'd like to see how many fall under 30 miles. I suspect it may be close to 90%. almost all of my journeys are under 30 miles.


The Tesla comparison was nothing more than to demonstrate that another manufacturer has offered more than one battery option. Whilst the Outlander has the option of a petrol engine, the point is that you want to use it as little as possible. Start to encompass the remaining 42% of trips to make more use of the electric power. Maybe the BMW i3 example will resonate better - those that want a longer range option can specify a range extender petrol engine and those that don't worry about the range of the i3 can save a little bit extra on that opion. Ultimately, the point I'm making is that manufacturers offer different engine options in petrol and diesel cars; a second battery option wouldn't be difficult for Mistsubishi to do so those that want more can pay for it.


Yes they do seem to be encouraging us to 'Go Electric' lol


Tesla costs a stupid amount of money and is a rich man's toy though. And the Tesla NEEDS more battery life becomes there is no option of failing over onto petrol. The extra battery also costs as much as an entire new Kia Picanto. The battery life on this absolutely 100% makes sense, given that 58% of car journeys are under 5 miles. So you can drive your car to the shops, park and charge it there for free, and drive home, all on electric power. And for the annual family holiday, you have the same range as any other car, and a five-minute 'recharge' time in the local petrol station. The Tesla meanwhile has you arranging your trip around available 'supercharger' stations where you sit for an enforced coffee break. This Outlander might not be a BMW M3, but it's a very, very sensible appliance.


The situation with the Ampera's price is normal, where a list price is set and discounts are set based on the life cycle of the model or to encourage demand for a model. I bought my 5 series BMW with over £13k off the list price.

Ford Focus Titanium Nav - Only £135.99 Per Month 6+23 lease , 10000 Miles Per Annum Total £3943.41 @ Rivervale Contract Hire & Leasing
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Posted 16th Oct 2014Posted 16th Oct 2014
Ford Focus Titanium Nav - Only £135.99 Per Month 6+23 lease , 10000 Miles Per Annum Total £3943.41 @ Rivervale Contract Hire & Leasing£3,943.41
FORD FOCUS DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6 TDCi 115 Titanium Navigator 5dr In Stock for Quick Delivery Bluetooth Connection with Voice Control Automatic Headlights Automatic Wipers Electr… Read more

No connection other than they are the company, after following various lease threads on here, that I chose to lease my car through. Chill.


I don't buy the Sales Director BS email that I was forwarded today. Blaming someone posting the deal on HUKD for high demand and the subsequent disappointment of many 'credit approved' customers. If this whole sham was real (which I doubt) perhaps the 'Sales Director' should have reacted a little quicker when he realised his sales team were fielding hundreds of enquiries against a stock of 60 cars. They should certainly not have been credit checked considering the damage it would possibly do to their rating. I wouldn't be surprised if 6 day old member 'slash1551' was connected to this sorry company.. using the opportunity to tout other deals. I'm sorry but this company has no excuse and I won't be dealing with them. I'll be sharing my experience on their trustpilot.com account which looks equally contrived!!


The deal I went for was £1391.70 deposit, followed by 23 payments of £231.95 (all inclusive of VAT). 2 years @ 10,000 miles per annum. I went for a maintained contract and negotiated GAP insurance into the price too. Total price over the 2 years is £6726.55. Although not as cheap as the deals previously posted for the ST's, I went for the maintained contract because for a total cost of £358.32 (£14.93 p/m) over the 2 years - its less than 4 tyres would cost, let alone servicing costs etc on top of that. With the ST predicted to retain only 44% of its value after 2 years, these sort of leasing deals are beating the depreciation by £000's.


What deal was that then slash?


Inquired about this deal, but then saw they had a cracking deal on the Focus ST-3 similar to the deal posted on here a few weeks back...so went for that instead. Been dealing with a chap called Paul and I can't fault the service so far - the whole process has been very smooth. Car & funding was secured on the 23/10, contracts arrived today with delivery expected mid November.

Brand New 2014 Vauxhall Corsa VXR 10+23 @ £125.99 - 2 years £4157.67 @ rivervaleleasing
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Posted 5th Sep 2014Posted 5th Sep 2014
Brand New 2014 Vauxhall Corsa VXR 10+23 @ £125.99 - 2 years £4157.67 @ rivervaleleasing£4,157.67
Brand New 2014 Vauxhall Corsa VXR 6k miles on a personal Lease £125.99pm inc VAT £1259.90p initial Rental Total contract cost £4157.67 over 2 years Call 01273 433480 or request a … Read more
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If leasing is your thing then this seems a good deal especially if it works out less than the depreciation of the car.


Great deal, however even though I'm a Vauxhall fan I'd rather pay the extra and lease the Fiesta ST. The Corsa VXR is getting on a bit now. Although if this was the Clubsport version I'd be on the phone for one now.


Hey don't mock him he's "original" probably drives his Mums mk2 fiesta.


Only other cars in this price range were diesel DS3s and Nissan Jukes. For comparison the Fiesta ST was almost £80 a month more for the same 6+23 deal. i thought it was a cracking deal for 12.5k per year!


Wow, think you will find it near impossible to go faster for less in a new car. But thunderstomp - I think the deal you have actually gone for is far superior to this - 12,500 miles a year for £151 a month is incredible and will certainly beat depreciation. Don't know why anyone would want all this power to only do a measly 6,000 miles a year! You will love it. I have owned a standard Corsa VXR and now have a Nurburgring and you get plenty of smiles per gallon ;) There won't be a new Corsa VXR for at least a year, probably 18 months and will certainly cost a lot more than this!

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