Road Angel Compact - £149.99

Road Angel Compact - £149.99

Found 12th Sep 2006
This is the award winning road angel compact, this has been reduced in price from £199.99 (argos) to £149.99 PLUS in halfords and some other places your getting a free LAZER detector worth £49.

Iv got this and i have had to order the external antenna but this product is good, iv bee reading all about it here:…htm

The Compact Road Angel features fully integrated GPS technology and provides advance warning of the following cameras: Gatso, Specs, Truvelo, Watchman/Speedsurb cameras and Accident Blackspots.

Features and Benefits: Audible, spoken and visual alerts | Camera advisory speed limit | Simple Windscreen mount | Plug and Go installation | High visibility speed, time and compass display | USB database updates | Now includes additional clip on laser detector | Large clear easy to read bi-colour backlit LCD display | Full range of hazardous sites with visual graphic display of hazard type | Hi intensity red warning LED's | Instant proximity distance display to hazard type | Designed and manufactured in the UK | Easy to use graphic display to assist in adjusting Road Angel settings

Sorry this item hasnt been reduced in argos to £149.99 i was just using argos as an example that the price in that shop is still £199.99
- saxo_appeal
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Here is the free Lazer detector with this item:

The Laser Alert module will when targeted provide a visual and audible warning through the Road Angel device when targeted. This device is designed to warn of either hand held mobile laser guns, or laser based safety camera vans. Safety camera vans will only target vehicles if they believe they are speeding, therefore a driver will not always experience an alert when passing these vans.
Delivery is £4.99
OOOoohhhh thanks Emma & edi, it really does look better with pictures ;-)
Halfords Store can (& not will) honour their internet price. Speak to the store manager and it is at their discretion.

This means you can save £4.99 delivery charge. You may be charged at the in-store price and the difference refunded as Gift.
Don't forget 4% if via Quidco - covers the cost of delivery (I think
I bought mine in halfords Edi, they are doing the deal in Halfords store itself
plus you get the free £49 lazer with it
I just spotted a similar road angel in the today only section at ][COLOR=blue]scan computers[/COLOR]

Blackspot Road Angel Classic Camera Alert System GPS: £57.58 + delivery

Seems like a good price.
Well iv set up my road angel and downloaded all the data, my angel is sitting pretty on the dash and my wires for the power are all neet away (drilled wee holes for them) and the antenna is set up at the back of my boot and on the roof (strong magnet). Also wired all the wires up so it turns on with the engine.
This baby is great, it sets off when your near a school, tells you of blackspots (accident hot spot) and warns you of cameras (gatzo, mobile etc)
Ive also got the lazer detecter which was free in halfords.
All in all it cost :
Road Angel copact = £149.99
Free lazer detecter = £00.00 (worth £49.99)
Antenna for better signal = £19.99

So it cost about £170 for the set up but thats me now all safe ;-)
Id recommend this package to anyyone, bit fidly to get everything set up the way you want but its really worth it. Dont go for the "New Road Angel" as its exactlly the same but dearer.
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