Road Angel Gem Camera Detector + 4 months free subscription @ Halfords £70.00

Road Angel Gem Camera Detector + 4 months free subscription @ Halfords £70.00

Found 19th May 2014
First post so go easy on me!

These were £129.99 and car with no subscription. Now I know this model has been updated but at £70 with four months free you can't go wrong.

£65.99 a year subscript after that.


"This device is incredibly easy to use. Clearly labelled buttons surround the colour display & the mount has a degree of adjustment as well"... ...Auto EXPRESS

Road Angel Gem is the new and improved speed management device from Road Angel with 4 months free subscription, exclusive to Halfords. In addition to the most accurate warnings of approaching safety cameras, new slim-line design, up to date road speeds, and improved user interface, Gem provides a unique eAssist™ feature allowing you to connect directly to the emergency services in the event of an accident.

Road Angel Gem uses mobile phone technology that not only allows users to automatically receive regular updates to the safety camera database, and share the locations of LIVE safety camera vans, it also lets users make suggestions to new or revised road speeds. Called SpeedShare™, this innovative technology utilises the vast ROAD ANGEL community to create an up-to-date, digital road-speed map of Britain.

Why choose Road Angel Gem ?

Road Angel safety alerts - the UK's No. 1 safety camera and blackspot alert system
Displays road speed limits of roads travelled
Automatic updates to the safety camera database every few minutes, as you drive
SpeedShare™ feature that allows you to suggest new or revised road speeds
CameraShare™ feature that allows you to share the locations of LIVE safety camera vans
Sleek design with full colour, easy to use interface that you can customise to your taste
eAssist™ feature that manually or automatically generates a voice link to the emergency services in the event of an accident specifying vehicle location and details.

The UK's most comprehensive & accurate safety camera & blackspot alerts, with automatic updates every few minutes
Clear display of road speed limits
SpeedShare™ feature
CameraShare™ feature
eAssist™ feature
Audible and visual warnings
Overspeed warning
Advisory speed limit at camera locations
2.5 hour battery life, for cable free operation
Continuous speed reading of vehicle
Simple dash mount, and plug and go installation
Full colour screen with, easy-to-use interface
Designed and manufactured in the UK
100% legal
12 month return to supplier warranty

1 x Road Angel Gem
1 x Dash mount
1 x USB cable
1 x 240V/50Hz mains charger
1 x 12/24V vehicle charger
1 x Quick start guide


The Road Angel Gem is loaded with the latest camera and blackspot locations at manufacture along with the latest road speed library. As an exclusive offer for Halfords customers you will receive a free four month subscription package worth �26.66 retail. When you register your new unit with Road Angel your four month free subscription will be activated. Subscriptions include the latest "over the air" updates as well full access to services such as Speed Share, Camera Share and eAssist.
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About as useful as an AtoZ these days. Use Waze for free.
Don't see the point of these devices, I'm no perfect driver, but why speed and be stressed looking out for "safety" cameras. Drive normally and stress free. Not knocking the priced deal, seems a good price if you want it.
I need a blocker/jammer. Any ideas of decent ones?

I need a blocker/jammer. Any ideas of decent ones?


That's not me by the way but he lives really close by. Often see he car and think you t*** (rhymes with cat)
I always keep within the speed limit.

Not necessarily the UK speed limit
Nor knocking the fact that its a decent price but the one I had was useless.

It had some speed limits down as 25mph. How can that be? There ain't a legal speed limit of 25 in the UK.

It also didn't have even old speed cameras in its database. Just couldn't trust it, even as a backup if mk1 eyeball failed.
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