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Posted 20 October 2022

Road Angel Halo Ultra - 4K UHD Dash Cam - £149.99 or £199.99 fitted (inc. kit) @ Halfords

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Halfords have the dash cam for £149.99 or it’s £199.99 fitted (including the kit).

Sign up to the Free motoring club option and you'll get a £5 discount voucher to use

If you sign up to the Premium motoring club then you’ll get £20 off (£10 welcome voucher and 5% discount) but that costs £4.99 per month (min 12 month subscription or £49.99 lump sum)

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Road Angel Halo Ultra 4K 2160p with ADAS, Parking/Winter Mode & 64GB Internal MemoryParking Mode
Thanks to the Halo Ultra’s Parking Mode (hardwiring kit required) your vehicle is protected when you're away. Park up, turn your ignition off and the Halo Ultra will automatically enter Parking Mode in time-lapse. If the G Sensor detects an event or movement, the Halo will resume normal recording.

G Sensor
In line with our True Parking mode, when hardwired, the camera will automatically power up and record in the event the G Sensor is triggered by physical movement or damage to the vehicle. Keeping chances of theft and vandalism lower than ever!

Winter Mode
This unique feature allows for the Halo dash camera to produce just enough heat to help in cold weather conditions! This could be ice or even snow.
High Endurance 64GB Class 10 U3 In Built Memory
Fundamentally, a camera of any sort can only ever be as good as the quality of the files and memory they are being stored on. A lower price SD card has a lower specification and in turn offers less reliability of the features. Our high-quality SD Cards take care of the worry of randomised or sudden loss of power which can often corrupt or damage memory.

Our SD Card makes the key difference you can rely on! Another important thing to consider is the UHS rating. This means Ultra High Speed and is represented by a number, usually U1 or U3, U3 is rated at 30MB/s per second and is more suitable for high-res continuous video footage. As your dash camera is consistently capturing fast-moving high-resolution video, the SD card speed is VERY important for reliability. The Halo Comes with the best SD card to give you total peace of mind!

No Screen = No Distractions
The HALO is focused on 2 things, safety and giving you great value! There’s actually no need for a screen, so why add one? To distract you? No thanks! Our super compact dash cameras give a minimal footprint and take up next to no space when installed in the vehicle, causing no dangerous glare or distraction to the driver! It really is a Halo! Please only use the HALO app when safely parked up.

The Halo Ultra is the first dash camera equipped with the latest generation of the SONY IMX415 image sensor. Extending the recording distance and clarification of obstacles hard to read by the naked eye. With a revolutionary new standard of quality, reliability, and personalisation, the Halo ULTRA packs a mighty punch in its compact body. Dash cameras have never looked so good or been so easy to operate. Unobtrusive while driving, its rotatable lens, and discrete wiring means you can capture remarkable Ultra 4K HD footage. Connect to your mobile phone through built-in Wi-Fi, watch a real-time video preview on your smartphone and download it if an accident happens. Taking high quality driving safety up to the next level!

5Ghz Wi-Fi
Our fastest ever connectivity! The Halo Ultra supports 5Ghz Wi-Fi creating less interference. This means transfer speeds are increased by up to 300%, enabling faster and smoother download and playback of recorded footage and imagery.
140oC Viewing Angle
Seeing is believing! The Halo Ultra supports 1440P Ultra HD loop recording to produce a sharpness of imagery that amazes - 78% higher than that of 1080P. A compact size and no monitor means no distraction. 140oC viewing angle is a massive 70% of what the human eye can see!

Built In GPS & Telematics
Thanks to the Halo Ultra’s built in GPS hardware, your journeys locations and speeds are all tracked and stored. Along with GPS information, the Halo Ultra also records extensive telematics data for every journey. This includes detailed acceleration, breaking and cornering information along every part of your journey shown on a map for easy playback and reference.

The Halo Ultra has an all-new customisable feature!
ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems! With a wide array of protection including Lane Departure warning, Onward Collision warning and Road safety suggestions, like reminding you when the car in front is moving! The Halo Ultra can be used to make the driver aware of pedestrians, vehicle proximity, lane departure violations and other potential hazards.

Halo App, edit & share
In the event of an accident or if you just want to keep a recording, you can select the exact time you want to download, trim/edit the clip, and save to your phone. You can even export the saved footage to social media from within the HALO App.

What’s in the box
3 Year UK warranty

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  1. Avatar
    Waaaaay better dashcams out there than this. Road Angel cheaped out and sold their name rights to the highest bidder! (edited)
  2. Avatar
    This or the viofo A129 plus duo?
    I would go for the A129.

    Have had the HD one for a couple of years and have just ordered the 2K one to upgrade (2k at front, HD at rear).

    Made some excuse to Amazon and they are refunding the original one.

    I did think of going for the 4K one, but heard of them getting too hot when in bright sunlight and also think the videos may take up too much space on my 256gb SD card as I do a lot of driving. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    is this like the Apple of dashcams? seems exorbitant for the spec tbh, paid less than half for a 4k cam everal years ago, still going stromg.
    I wouldn’t even call it the Acer of dashcams!
  4. Avatar
    Just as bad as a £70 dashcam
  5. Avatar
    This doesn't come with rear cameras the pro version does though and is £10 more sometimes they come up for £149.99 too is it worth getting the pro?
  6. Avatar
    Does the kit they fit with have the low battery cut off?
    Can't see any info about that so not sure - it's the official Road Angel RA7300C Hardwire Kit for Halo Ultra
  7. Avatar
    The fitted price here, by signing up for the motoring club, 49 quid for the year, under 185 quid is excellent for the Which? Best buy dashcam 2022 ♨️ Note the cost of the fitting kit is discounted if you add it to your basket with the fitting 🔥 (edited)
    Yeah, I was going to just buy from Amazon for £149.99 but paying an extra £35 for fitting is well worth it in my opinion!
  8. Avatar
    It states "The minimum subscription length is 12 months." for the Prem motoring club so that'd be a £60 commitment, no?
    Oh... didn't see that advertised anywhere, but yeah, you're right. Will try to cancel everything!
  9. Avatar
    any rear view camera with that
  10. Avatar
    I have the original Halo Pro. One of the downfalls is the app (iOS user). It needs a major update to remove bugs etc
  11. Avatar
    Doesn’t seem to record any audio per specifications.
  12. Avatar
    Probably better to go for the Garmin
  13. Avatar
    I bought a 70Mai M500 plus hardwire kit which is pretty similar(Ali, £106). Just waiting for the car now.
  14. Avatar
    I have the original version given when I purchased a car and I would definitely recommend it, the only sticking point is the app that comes with it isn’t the best IMO.