Road Bike Tyres - Schwalbe One Twinpack - Ribble Cycles

Road Bike Tyres - Schwalbe One Twinpack - Ribble Cycles

Found 19th Aug 2016
Not seen these road cycling tyres this cheap so I've ordered 2 sets.

Apply the TYRES20 code for this price.

I like these tyres alot and I've tried most of the clincher tyres. Puncture resistance is good for a racey tyre - light, roll very well with latex inner tubes.

Available in both 23mm and 25mm for this price at the time of posting. 25mm being my preferred version.
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Ordered two sets as well - Even though I prefer tubeless! I'm sure I will use them...
Absolute bargain. Ordered
Excellent price. Usually £25 per tyre. Just bought some Vittoria Rubino Speed G+, the new graphene ones, very nice and light tyre, but would have gone for these if the deal had been around. I've used Ones several times, but find them quite fragile, however, worth it for the grip and rolling resistance, and especially at this price.
£5.50 postage when trying to order one set

£5.50 postage when trying to order one set

Where are yours be delivered to? I ordered my two sets separately and didn't get charged postage. I just checked now and it was still showing as free postage.
Probably because I'm in Italy on holiday then
Ordered to use when my Conti GP4000 IIs wear out. Thanks for the tip.
Thanks for this
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