Road To (Box Set) (DVD) (Four Discs) only £7.99 delivered!!
Road To (Box Set) (DVD) (Four Discs) only £7.99 delivered!!

Road To (Box Set) (DVD) (Four Discs) only £7.99 delivered!!

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A box set of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour classic comedies. In their first outing, 'Road to Singapore' (1940), Lamour plays the exotic beauty who comes between Hope and Crosby's friendship when they hide out in Singapore - forswearing all dealings with the opposite sex. But Lamour's arrival instantly changes things. The second, 'Road to Zanzibar' (1941) sees them satirising the spate of 'Tarzan' fims that had run its course in Hollywood. The duo find themselves on a slow boat to Africa and once they land find themselves caught up in all kinds of adventures from slave trading to detective work for the beautiful Donna Latour (Lamour). 'Road to Morocco' (1942) is considered one of the best of this series. Made during the Second World War, Hope and Crosby are shipwrecked near the coast of Morocco and find the country hostile to foreigners. The usual mayhem occurs with the beautiful Princess Shalmar (Lamour) buying Crosby as a plaything. Nominated for two Oscars, although Hope wasn't nominated despite his gag in the film. Finally, 'Road to Utopia' (1945) sees Lamour and Hope married and thinking about how they came about their wealth and how they lost their best friend Crosby. However, Crosby pops up and the story is told (in flashback) of Hope and Crosby's adventures; from their failed attempts at being vaudevillians through to their purloining the deed of a gold mine from gangsters and pretending to be them. As usual the duo get into all kinds of scrapes and are after the same girl, Lamour, with all the usual gags thrown in.

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i love you greatest films ever just dont make them like this any more

but i dont think this is all of them nope its not so your mission is to find the other three lol

1940: Singapore (Paramount)
1941: Zanzibar (Paramount)
1942: Morocco (Paramount)
1946: Utopia (Paramount)
[COLOR="Red"]1947: Rio (Paramount)
1952: Bali (Paramount)
1962: Hong Kong (United Artists)[/COLOR]

oh and a Danny Kaye one would be great too lol
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